Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Carey Family Reunion 2008

Those of you who have ever driven between north Idaho and Southern Idaho know that the landscape varies widely between green trees and almost desert landscape...

Isaac's excited...
Tanner's excited...
Dad - not so much :(
The kids always look forward to the motel pool and hot tub...
Here's Noelle and her cousin Kurt, Uncle Steve's son
and Ty, Uncle Mike's son
Tanner just has to know-
- where does the water come from??
Isaac LOVES the pool the best, but the hot tub is great, too
Time to go....

Of course we always love to visit the temple at night....
Our younger kids, and the two of us
This was the highlight and special purpose for this year's family reunion.

Mark and his 3 brothers and 2 of his sisters were finally sealed as a family to their parents. It was one of the most special days ever for all that were attending. We were very honored to have Idaho Falls Temple President John H Groberg perform the sacred ordinance.
Back at the Cabin in Island Park,
Tanner gets out of control and needs a time-out I think he has learned his lesson.
He hates nothing more than to have to sit still
Reunion Family Night
We needed 2 cabins to sleep everyone. Even the floor space was filled. I'm sure Grandma was so happy to know that we were having such a good time together Fun Entertainment
Identify Your Ancestor game
Jess singin' us the oldies...

We were ready the next morning, after the breakfast dishes were cleaned up, to have a pie-eating contest. It was decided by the participants (?) that they couldn't use their hands for the first 60 seconds. (Check out video at the bottom of the page Ready - Set - Go!

It quickly became a pie-throwing free-for-all You can't tell so well from this picture - it was one of those you-had-to-be-there moments, but everyone was covered in berry pie from head to toe. (None of those sissy cream pies for us!)
The Winners! Meribeth and Jess

Out on the Lake...
The kids tried to get the greased watermelon...
Beautiful, serene, relaxing, peaceful ...
Me and my little boys...

The cooks - Joe, Tate, Jason, and Lee
Hot Shrimp, Potatoes, and Sausage,
with Lemons, Spices, and Onions

I think everyone will be looking forward to the Carey Family Reunion next year!

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