Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Jake's Been Really Busy!

For those of you who are always asking how Jake is doing, and what has he been up to, I thought I would put together some pictures to show you. These are just a few of the projects that he has done since going to work for himself as an independent contractor about 6 months ago. It was slow and scary at first, but one by one the jobs came through. With his meticulous nature and eye for perfection, now most of his work is coming by word of mouth, and he is working practically 24/7. We are proud of you, Jake!
Here is a river-rock fireplace that Jake did

...and another one, stacked rock this time

...and a slate patio and walkway for this gazebo garden This is the backside of the kitchen counter that faces the great room, and if you click and zoom in on the picture, he also did the slate backsplash
...and here is the great room I think this chimney is the highest project he has done so far (I hope he was strapped to the roof somehow!)
And here is a wall that he built...
...and of course the best project yet...(took him a little longer, with some MAJOR help from his wife, Kara)

Dillon and Hannah!


Melissa said...

Wow! He is really talented! Tell him Josh and I are impressed.

DaniBB said...

No offence, I never knew that Jake was so talented! Every one of those projects is beautiful! But the children are the bst by far. Little Hannah is so pretty! Tell him Hi for me. He was always such a good friend to talk to.