Thursday, September 11, 2008

Bishop's BBQ 2008

It has been a tradition since our ward was formed in 1995 to have a end-of-the-summer BBQ, hosted by the current bishop. Bishop Morton began it with such great success, that we have had one every year since.

This year for the Bishop's BBQ, the theme was 'Harvest Party' with a Brownie Cook-off. We were the only ones who displayed some of our harvest, (but maybe next year there will be more displays, if we stay with the same theme) but many other members prepared delicious salads and casseroles from items picked out of their gardens. Mark chose this theme to encourage everyone to raise a garden, or animals, etc. One member even shared some fish that he caught in the lake next to his home.
The brownie table was a great success. Half the brownies were gone before I could get this picture! Yum!

Our yard was pretty full of friends, family, and members of the Lakeland 2nd ward.


Emily said...

You can blog hop anytime! Nice to know people out there move to farms too! Melissa is great isn't she? So is Josh your brother? If he is...he is so funny! I hope Melissa posts something about the boating incident last friday. It would make you proud of Josh...

Melissa & Family said...

I keep waiting for Stacey to blog about Josh jumping into the Willamette in the pitch black to save her from an icy death!!! But if she doesn't soon I will have to put something in there about it. You would be proud of Josh!
The BBQ looked fun. I love your yard.

Laura Dale said...

This is my favorite event of the year, don't ever stop!