Sunday, November 30, 2008

I am Thankful for My Son, the Missionary...

Today we traveled 60 miles north to Bonners Ferry to attend my brother-in-law's ward. His son, Matt, just returned from his mission, the fourth of five sons (plus one daughter) to have served. Their 5th and youngest son, Kurt, is getting ready to leave for his mission to Mexico, just south of Tucson, in about a month.
How does a family raise each and every one of their children to be faithful? Yes, I know they had, if not perfectly, but faithfully, family home evening, prayers, and all attended Seminary. Loving parents with patience and a warm home open to all their friends. They had all of the parts of the recipe for raising a good family. Many other LDS families do the same, but not all of the children turn out devoted to the Gospel like his have.

Elder Chad Carey, top row, right

This is all really about my son, Chad, who is currently serving a mission in Chile. I have to say, that from the time he was little, he was wired for goodness. He was always a very good baby. Easy to potty train. Always did his chores and helped out whenever he could. When he was only in the 6th grade, he was a kid that made a stand against a group of boys who were saying filthy things about girls, and was mocked and called names for it.
He was a kid who would rather have no friends than to be friends with kids who chose the wrong path. He of course was not perfect, but he always tried his best to do what's right.
I am thankful that I have a child like Chad, to let me clearly see that even if we parent our children as consistently one to the next as we can, that they will choose for themselves what path to take. That sometimes we are given children that will try our patience beyond belief, but we must stay tough and be true to the principles that we believe in.

Outside the MTC to attend the Prove Temple

This photo is precious to me. After choosing for all of his life to not follow the crowd, he was finally among young men such as himself who chose to follow the Savior, and serve him. It's a perfect picture of the crowd that we, as LDS mom's, would want our children to follow.

And while serving in Chile, he is a great example to his younger brothers and sisters. I can only hope and pray that they will want to follow his example. I hope and pray that they will see the goodness in him and follow the Lord like he has. I am thankful I was blessed with a son like Chad.


susette said...

What a sweet photo, makes me miss my son on his mission. But such a great feeling they are there cuz they want to be. It's very true about our children making decisions of their own. We just continue to love and support through all trials. Happy
Sabbath day my friend.

LyndiLou said...

I LOVE the comparison you make about the picture of the group of missionaries! :) That IS the crowd we should want to be in! I'm glad that he will be able to find the friends he probably wishes he could have had all along! Good for him for doing the right thing even though it might have been "lame" or "hard". :) Thanks for the great reminder to keep choosing the right... and thanks for helping me think of MY brother serving serving far, far away.

Michelle said...

It was a good experience for our family to have Justin on a mission. We were blessed in many different ways. The most difficult part for me at the beginning was going to Wal-Mart and seeing all the missionaries in the store! Finally, now that he is home, I can see missionaries in the store now and not BAWL. Those pictures are great!

susette said...

Hey friend!, I will have two boys out at the same time for about 6 months. Thankfully, the second boy has worked hard all Summer and Fall and has been earning for his mission and so we won't have to fork out tons of money. Just some, but it's all for a good cause for sure, right? Thanks for visiting my blog, have a great evening. I'll be back :)

McEwens said...

Your post made me tear up. I love missionaries, the ones that taught me and the ones my sons have become.

My middle son is in Mexico, Merida mission. He returns in March.

Missionarys are the greatest blessings arent they?

I must say you look fabulous!!! You look like one of your kids!!

Mrs. Organic said...

Yes, wow you look great! Good for your son, the rewards are worth it.

As to the apron you saw at my place, my mom just made up the idea as she went. She is far more clever than I am.

clan of the cave hair said...

what a nice post about your son. I hope he knows how appreciative of him you are.

Jake and Kelli Stellmon said...

Hi Loralee! What a sweet message. I always liked Chad. Chad would make any mother proud! There is nothing that brings a mother more joy than to see their children walking in the footsteps of the Savior.

P.S. You're grandkids are adorable too!

Ginger said...

It's wonderful what missions do for boys . . . even the ones that go out great. He'll come back even greater!

It's been nice to read and play catch up. Is that your house in the picuture on the day after Thanksgivin? If so, it sure is beautiful! Good work.

Have a nice weekend.