Saturday, July 18, 2009

By Small and Simple Things . . .

In my current situation as a bishop's wife, I have the opportunity of going to many baptisms, which he presides over.

Today we were attending the baptism of a sweet little 8-year-old girl. To take the time during which she was getting dressed after her baptism, the missionaries showed this video, which was produced by the California San Jose Mission:

Memories of missionaries who spent time in our home when my husband was ward mission leader, thoughts of my son who is currently serving in Rancagua, Chile, and the awesome spirit that filled the room all combined together had me completely melted into tears.

What a powerful video! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did, if you haven't already seen it . . .
Also, I have posted an update on Zerin's blog. It includes his current address if you would like to contact him directly.
If anyone would like to post information or letters of encouragement on his blog, please email me at:


Lorie said...

I can't get it to play (my computer doesn't like videos) but I bet it is great! I will have to borrow the hubbies laptop in the morning and watch it.

M-Cat said...

What a great start to my Sabbath - THANK YOU!!

I've started a fun little tradition. To my husbands young men that leave for missions, I type our families testimononies and put it a letter in the front of the BOM of their mission language. If they are going forein I give them the job of trasnslating it into their mission language while they study at the MTC. Then, when the time is right, they will know who to give THAT particular BOM to.

There have been some great stories come of it.

And who knew you were the mother of your ward? I can totally see that.

Thanks for sharing, it's just wanted I needed today. Wish I could link it to Luke : (

Have a great Sunday!

I love you

Jan said...

Wonderful video. There is always someone in need all the time. We just have to be willing to be the one to give the need. Thanks.

Happy baptisms.

Erin said...

That was beautiful. Thanks for sharing it!