Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sledding Daze...

This winter, a good friend of mine invited me and the kids up to a sledding hill that she had discovered.  Sorry, Missy, but the hill is MINE now!  haha

The first thing that you need to have to have a great sledding experience is a fire to stay warm by.  The first time we went up, someone had already built a fire.  The next time, I brought newspaper, kindling, and some of the logs that we burn in our wood stove. 
I build fires regularly, so I wasn't worried about getting a rip-roaring blaze going, but have you ever built a fire in the snow?  WHILE it is snowing?  Not so easy, I tell you.  The shot was taken just before all the flames fizzled and just about went out.  Luckily, the people who had built the previous fire showed up (men, of course) and got it going really good.   I didn't see it happen, but there was a plastic jug sitting nearby (but not too close) that I have a suspicion had gasoline or something similar in it. 
But don't get me wrong.  We were grateful!

Another thing that is important to have with you when you go sledding is:
They make it the most fun.  And having friends with kids that are their friends there too, makes it all the better.
(Noelle, warming herself by the fire.  She doesn't look too excited in this photo, but that was only because she doesn't like having her picture taken.  NOT because she wasn't having fun - she was!)

There's nothing better than sledding in north Idaho.  It's free, burns lots of calories, and I hope we can go again soon.  Many more times! 


Cmom said...

I think I am jealous as we have had no snow in KS yet this winter. However ask me again Monday if we get the 6" predicted and I might be singing a different tune. I love your pictures. They are wonderful!

Joey @ Big Teeth and Clouds said...

We were cold sledding today but we got by without a fire. That's a major undertaking for you guys! Very cool. Well I guess hot!

Victoria said...

Kinda jealous... haven't been sledding in about 18 years. Not much snow in Southern California. I would never have thought to build a fire!

Cynthia said...

I think the #1 thing you need to go sledding is excellent health insurance! LOL!

Looks like a lot of fun. We DON'T have great health insurance so we'll be taking our kids to the expensive 'groomed' track next weekend so they can experience sledding for the first time. A fire is a GREAT idea!

wendy said...

I love sledding too. Just NOT the climbing UP the hill part. but I guess that is where the exercise comes in eh.
very cool to have a fire so you can warm up a bit. Just throw in a jug of hot chocolate to go with it.

of course the men will cheat while making the fire. Isn't that called boy scout water.