Thursday, April 7, 2011

Young Women's General Conference Session

The weekend before last, through the miracle of great friends and their generosity, my daughter Noelle and I were able to go with a group of lovely ladies from our ward.

 The mom's (plus a daughter or two...)
Our Young Women...
The view from the Garden Restaurant 
After lunch good!

Sitting back after our cereal run...did you know they have an escalator in the Salt Lake WalMart?  Are you as amazed as we were?   But maybe it could've been the late hour...
Temple Square shot
PJ Party...

What a wonderful experience!  I hope that we can make a tradition of it!

My friend Missy and I also got to meet a lovely lady from the Salt Lake area, who we had both been friended by on Facebook, me through a friend of a friend, and Missy, because she thought that I knew her personally.  I didn't, but now we do!  Great to meet you Tammy!  (I'm just so sad that we didn't get a photo together.....but I had to make a mention anyway!)


Barbaloot said...

What a fun thing to do!! Looks like a wonderful time.

tammy said...

What a fun time. Those desserts look to die for. I've been in that Walmart you're talking about.

wendy said...

Oh my goodness...what a wonderful, WONDERFUL time you must have had. worth making a tradition for sure.

M-Cat said...

1. I feel sick that I missed the broadcast - I should have been there and TOTALLY FORGOT ABOUT IT

2. What the hell? You were here in SL and didn't call me? FB me? I would have come into the city to meet you!!!


: )