Friday, September 16, 2011


Noelle and I were driving around Cd'A the other day and saw this guy:
Looks kinda fun!

Pretty sure this guy put this bike together himself. 

Also - I didn't notice until I saw the enlarged cell phone photo on my computer, but he has a rag doll attached to the front.  I wonder what the significance of that is?

Crazy.  But kinda cool, too. 
(The bike, not the doll)


tammy said...

Oh my gosh - how funny! I think I'd be nervous being that far up and my feet not able to touch the ground.

M-Cat said...

The rag doll frightens me...... : )

Kristin said...

How DID that guy get up there? On the bike I mean . . . that would be a sight to see - yes, the rag doll is a little interesting . . .


wendy said...

ha ha...gotta love eccentric people