Friday, October 28, 2011

Cross Country!

This fall, Tanner and Evalie decided they would participate in Cross Country sponsored by their grade school. 

As a kindergardener, Evalie trained to run 1/4 of a mile.  That's a Heck of a long way when you are only three feet tall!
(This photo is a re-inactment of the race....her mom missed her photo-finish)  But she did a great job and finished the whole way!
Here is Tanner about to cross the 1/2 mile finsh spite of his shoes falling off," like Eight Times!" he did a great job.  And, epic mom-fail for not making sure his shoes wouldn't fall off.  But they never had before.  So, who knew?

Their after-party!


wendy said...

Well, that's a big accomplishment for those little ones.
Hey, even Olympians start with 1/4 of a mile.
and of course at the end, there has to be a celebration party.

M-Cat said...

What a great idea to get the kids active and running while they are young Cute

Kristin said...

Wow - they are an awesome pair! Must be somekind of genes they got there :)