Sunday, December 14, 2008

Baby, It's COLD Outside! It's A Big ONE!

Just when I thought that this winter might be more mild than last year . . . the winter that buried us for 6 months . . . we got hit. Friday it started to really snow, not just flirting with it like it has been for the past month. At one in the afternoon, there was just a dusting, and within 3 hours, there was 4 inches on our deck. And it just kept snowing throughout the night.
My kids kept waiting for me to moan and cry NO! Not snow! Not Yet! like I had several times before this past few weeks. But believe it or not, I finally was ready for it. It is time . . . we have to have snow for Christmas in north Idaho!
Our driveway at 4:15 pm.
But the bad part of the timing of this storm was that our ward Christmas party was called off. Rachel and Noelle were so sad... They had been working really hard on the Christmas songs they were going to sing. I hope the Bishop can find a way to reschedule the party! Heh heh...

A lot more snow than there was the day after Thanksgiving!

The next morning, on my way to do errands. The picture doesn't show what it was really like, but the roads were a sheet of slushy ice. The worst to drive on. Thank goodness studded snow tires are still legal in Idaho.

Right now as I am typing away, I am FReeezZzingg. And we have the gas furnace and the woodstove going. In our family room that we converted from the garage, we have been working on putting up the rock wall behind the gas stove we put in to heat that huge room, 600 sq feet with 11 foot high ceilings! So we had to disconnect the stove. A big room with no heat! (Of course we couldn't do it in the summer-what fun would that be?) We were doing pretty good, until the temperature dropped! Right now it's ONE DEGREE!!! BBBBRRRRRrrrrrrrrr! My toes are frozen inside of my socks and slippers! But the wall is going to look great. I hope we can finish it tomorrow, since we are supposed to have a whole week of single-digit or below lows, and teens-to-barely-in-the-20's highs.
I will post pictures when we are done. If we haven't all turned into Popsicles :o


tara @ kidz said...

Stopping by through Blog Stalkers Unite.

I'm in Utah and I thought winter was going to pass us by too - until yesterday - when it started snowing and hasn't stopped! I LOVE IT! But ONE degree is a bit dramatic! Keep cozy with some hot chocolate!!!

Michelle said...

It's snowy here too - but it's not too fun to feed cows when it's this cold! We had some out the other day and I chased them on a four-wheeler and my fingers nearly froze off! Oh, you need to send us whatever your new e-mail address is... ok? Mom is trying to send something to you and she keeps getting the messages back!

Lorie said...


I so don't know how you do it! The pictures are gorgeous though!

Grandmagretzky said...

So fun to hear from you! Add "Jordans on the Farm" to your list, for sure! How could we forget coming up there to Silverwood? Great blog.... - Jan