Friday, November 28, 2008

I am Thankful...

...for a country that allows us to vote for our President every four years, and doesn't make us wait any longer than that...
and for talented writers who come up with great stuff...

This is from an email I recently received:

You know what would really tee OFF the Democrats...
Bush should resign now.
Then Dick Cheney becomes President
(that would really tee OFF the libs)!!!
Then he appoints Condoleezza Rice as VP.
Then Cheney resigns two weeks later
and Condoleezza Rice, A Republican,
becomes the first BLACK / WOMAN President!!!

Love It!
(I think a Romney/Condoleezza ticket would have been UNBEATABLE!)

I am thankful for humor!

...and my family!
...and food!

Dishing up the feast! So much it wouldn't all fit on the table!

...and snow that doesn't stick until the day after Thanksgiving!


Messy Jess said...

Wouldn't that take the cake! The first black woman president!

1LDSmom said...

K, that would be AWESOME! Terrific blog, by the way!


Tracy said...

LOL! I got that in email today - think it would be AWESOME!!!

I haven't seen any Christ-based backgrounds, either. If I see any, I'll let you know. Maybe there will be a few in the next few weeks.

jennifer morton said...

First and foremost--thanks for leaving comments on my blog--I don't think anyone else knows how to do it! It's so nice to know you're looking at it! Rachel says you're addicted, that's o.k. with me! I'm on my way there too!

JustRandi said...

Ok that is BRILLIANT!!

Thanks for the credit and for the blog comments! I love them!