Sunday, March 8, 2009

Weekend Wafts of Wackiness

Pretzels and Plays

Hello! Sorry I didn't post last week, our computer crashed. Because it's dead, I'm writing this on my sister's lap top.

So yesterday I was in the Missoula Children's Theater play of Hansel and Gretel. Some of my friends were also in this play. My friend Caitlyn played Gretel! Her first play and she's the main actress! My other friends played cooks, I was cook #3. The girl who played the wicked witch, Annika, (hopefully I spelled her name right) is a great actress. I don't know her very well yet, but I'm starting to. Everyone in the play was great. We had one week to learn all of our lines, songs, and dances.

So after the play yesterday, I went insane and made a video on my mom's phone called 'A Pretzel's Life'. I made two pretzel men, Bob and Bill, and a whale named Flipper. Bob was happy but an evil little girl played with her food and !Destroyed! Bill. I will post it when our computer is fixed. So today I made a sequel, but I won't give anything away.


Michelle said...

The Missoula Children's Theater also comes here and my kids have participated in it quite a few times. It is a really good program!

Pancake said...

I love having kids in theater, none of mine ever got into it, but many of the youth I worked with did.... great opportunities!