Monday, September 21, 2009

Last Day of Summer 2009

This summer we did a lot of fun things . . . a lot of them I have already blogged about.

-Like my parent's 50th wedding anniversary party.
Had a family photo done - but with a few missing people!

And this summer, I finally rode on Silverwood's newest ride, Aftershock. Yeah, freaky, gut-in-your-throat type of thrill ride- It was one of those "did that once, never have to do it again" type of experiences...Was I crazy, or what?

I also thought it would be a good idea to go on this ride:

The "Panic Plunge"

It went up SO so high, I could see my house!

Here I am, going up. It's gonna be fun, right? (Notice that none of my kids went with me . . . and they make you take off your flip-flops!)

Here I am, Suddenly back at the bottom.

Words cannot describe this experience. Maybe the look on my face can?

So, today is the last day of summer, officially.

And we might just be set for a pretty cold fall.

Ya know how I can tell?

Fall got a jump-start by sending a freeze our way.

True, I did check the weather report. I knew that I should've covered the tomatoes last night, since 30 degree temperatures were predicted.

Never mind that it's supposed to be in the 90"s tomorrow. . .

This is what our tomato plants look like now.

So sad!
The red ripe tomatoes I picked today. Question- Do I do what I usually do, and pick all the green tomatoes and put them in newspaper-lined boxes and have them sitting in my house for weeks till they all ripen (in which case, their flavor is not nearly as rich)

Or... do I try covering them at night for the next few weeks and hope that they will still ripen on the vine?

We were also busily doing projects and having fun activities, so here some things we did that I didn't get a chance to post before now:

We put up new porch rails and built new shutters (it looks a lot cuter IRL)

Our driveway/walkway flowerbeds - before (sorry-this was taken about 6 years ago, but it's the only Before picture that I have!) After. . .
Mark went to Tillamook Oregon to pick up some dairy cows.

On the way, they stopped at the fish hatchery in the gorge.
I guess Isaac is tramatized by all the fish!

And they got to eat these ginormous hamburgers with my dad Meanwhile, this little girl was born, on Noelle's birthday! I had to make sure everything went well while he was gone.

Luckily, we have good friends around who know a heck of a lot more than I do about baby calves! And this one was not too interested in nursing. . . but she sure is a cutie!
Grandpa Mark snuggling with Brooke, our new granddaughter...
Now SHE is a cutie, for sure!

Since we have 3 people in the family who have birthdays within 3 weeks of each other, we had a combined family birthday party-

First, Evalie blew out her 4 candles. Happy fourth birthday, Evalie!

Then we added some more for Noelle's 12th -
...but once we got to Jake, everyone was ready to eat the cake, already!
Did you have a good summer?

What was the best thing you did/read/saw/experienced?


Cherie said...

Oh my goodness that sweet baby!! Ha Ha can you tell I love babies - you have alot of things in this post and that is what I zero in on :D

My son had a cross country meet up north and they went to Silverwood. We hadn't been for a few years and he LOVED the Aftershock ride. I think he rode it a half dozen times and said it was the best ever!!

You look like you have a very fun house - your flowerbeds are gorgeous and I love your new baby cow - cuteness for sure!!
Enjoy your last day of summer!

Lara said...

The look on your face after that ride cracks me up! But the lady next to you seem to enjoy it!

Good luck with the tomatoes...I wish I had any advice, but I don't.

The Head Eagle said...

I'm not one for thrill rides anymore..I'm gettting old *gasp*. You would get me on the roller coaster before you would get me on the that launches you into the air!

P.S. Your tomato plants look like mine! So sad!

Anonymous said...

wowza! those rides look so fun! and your house and garden are so beautiful!! i need your gardening expertise!!!!!!!!
it looks like you had fun with thos burgers, too!!!!
and the cows are Cute! i love cows!! and your little girl's birthday party looked fun fun fun!

Mrs. Organic said...

You've had quite the summer - thanks for the reminder to go out and harvest my tomatoes. I think we're in for freeze here.

Rachel Sue said...

You are one brave woman. I am not a roller coaster kind of girl. . .

Cynthia said...

Real Tillamook cows? Dang! They make the BEST cheese ever (and I say that a little chagrined because as a USU Aggie, I'm supposed to think Cache Valley Cheese is the best).

I love what you did with the flower beds and house. You've been busy.

The rollercoaster looks awesome! I am all about scary coasters but you can keep the drop ride- I HATE those.

Happy Birthday to all!

LyndiLou said...

Wow... you were so productive AND you had loads of fun! I think the house looks great and yay for new additions to the family!!! Happy Birthday to everyone!

M-Cat said...

You have had a busy and fun summer, and are certainly more brave than I. We go to Lagoon, and I happily sit on the benches and hold stuff.

Wish I could help you out on the tomatoes. I've never had a garden in my whole life!

Amber M. said...

LOVE the after Aftershock picture! I got tricked into going on Wicked at Lagoon in SLC and I was just glad I didn't pee my pants in front of my 8-year-old.

Nancy Face said...

You'd NEVER get me on Aftershock! :0

Love the home improvement projects!

trublubyu said...

you are much braver than i am- those rides are just too much for me.

your yard is beautiful! and i can't even imagine freezing temps! we are still in the 100s- and it doesn't cool down that much at night.

i always miss summer when it ends. spending time with my family is always the best part. and popsicles.

Noelle said...

Pick the tomatos off the vine. Once the vine freezes it doesn't do any good to leave them on. I just hope the tomatos didn't freeze too!

Looks like a fun summer!

Thanks for stopping by! :)

susette said...

OH my goodness!! My parents have been married for 50 years too. Just this past September 16th. We will celebrate later after my dad gets better after some health challenges going on in his life right now.

I absolutely love scary rides!! Well, except for the ones that make me nauseated. I rode that same ride you did at Lagoon though, a few years ago for my first time. There were two choices. You could ride the one that goes up slowly and then drops you fast, or the other one would shoot you up fast and drop you slow. My daughter chose to have us ride option #1. It scared the peewadden out of me and I usually love scary rides. It was the heighth factor I'm thinking. I thought the ride was taking me to the clouds for sure!! Then we get to the top and wait for a few seconds anticipating the drop. What a rush!! I think I got my feel for that and won't need to ride it again.

My Summer has been full and rewarding with having the whole family under the same roof after two years. It's such a beautiful feeling to a mother. The medical challenges that have taken place aren't beautiful but family is! :)

I love reading about your son's mission experiences. How many more months until he's home??