Sunday, September 13, 2009

RainGutter Ragatta / Bishop's BBQ 2009

This year, due to families with lots of activities and tight schedules, we held the Cub Scout Pack Meeting right before the BBQ. Planned was a Raingutter Regatta, which was a big hit.

And of course, it ran over into the BBQ, but was great entertainment, so no one minded a bit.

Here is Isaac, doing his best.

Blow a little harder!

Isaac had the winning heat!
In the end, Isaac and his really cool boat came in 4th place. Good job, Isaac!
Must have been the passed-out Lego sailor that got him the prize for "Most Realistic"!
Trampoline Time!

By this time, everyone is ready to eat . . . Pot Luck time!

After the races and food, the kids all had a great time just playing in the water
and lots
of people . . .

me & everyone else, chowing down

we had a good turnout . . . cars were lined up and down both sides of our driveway. . .
I hope everyone had a great time! See ya next year!


Barbaloot said...

How have I been LDS my whole life and been to multiple boy scout jamborees and such...and I've never heard of a raingutter regatta?

Anonymous said...

THat looks like a LOT OF FUN!!!!!!!!!!

my son is a Tiger Cub scout and next month i am in charge of the activities... i might have to do your Raingutter Regatta idea!!!!!! that is so cool!!!!!!!

wendy said...

I remember doing those with my boys when they were in Scouts. Those are the kinds of occasions where you get some GREAT FOOD EH. Glad everyone had a good time.

M-Cat said...

That looks just plain fun!

LyndiLou said...

What a great turnout!!! :) Looks like sooo much fun! I've only ever seen pictures of Raingutter Regatta... I bet it's fun to watch in person!

Cherie said...

What fun!
I really am a fan of scouting and have enjoyed every moment of it.
They have never had a raingutter regatta around here - that looks so fun and different!
Is that a cute little old fashioned out house in your yard?? LOve it!!

Jessica said...

That looks like so much fun. What a good idea! I'll have to remember that one.

Rick Carpenter said...

I have been a Cubmaster FOUR TIMES. It's events like these that I miss.

susette said...

What a fun event and what a great looking back yard! I love the trampoline down in the ground.