Thursday, April 12, 2012

We have a Nominee!

Have all of my fellow Republicans been following the primaries like I have?

I doubt it.

The state of our country has been weighing heavily on my mind, and so I have immersed myself in political news every day.  It's driving my kids batty, I know.  But they don't really understand what I have seen these past few years, the radical changes and disregard for the Constitution.

Whatever your ideas and opinions about Mitt Romney may be, these photos will bring to life the real person that he is.    I am going to support him 100% (of course) and I hope that you all will, too.

Enjoy the photos!


Cynthia said...

Cool. You won't turn me off with the political talk! LOL! Too bad you live so far away or we could add you to our "Troublemakers" political ladies group.

I'm actually off in 20 minutes or so to help plan an event for my friend running for US Congress. Josh(Mitt's son) is endorsing her and they're doing a shindig for it that absolutely MUST go over well. If you were closer, I'd totally call you in for reinforcements!

mCat said...

Loving the Mitt!

Pedaling said...

Go Mitt, Go!