Sunday, February 22, 2009

Weekend Wafts of Wackiness

Leprechauns and Laughs

Written by Noelle because... (click here)

I don't know what's with the St. Patrick's Day background my mom put on here. It's not for almost a month! It's like spending all your money before you go to the store! Seriously, I'm sure every one's going to be tired of the St. Pat's day background before it's even March 17. Me, personally, I'm still in Valentines Day mode. I don't know why every one's in a rush to celebrate leprechauns! What's so special about 3 foot people wearing green prancing around fooling you into sliding down the 'mystical' rainbow to find an empty pot! I'm not even going to wear green on St. Patrick's Day. That will show the little gnomes! Who is this 'Patrick' person anyway! For all we know he could be a crazy person or worse, a democrat!

"I love you donkey! St.Patrick's final words.

This morning, for some reason Tanner put underwear on his head and kept saying "underwear hair." After that he probably put it on his face, because I heard him saying "underwear face." He'll probably be calling himself Captain Underpants before long. I have truly insane little brothers. Does anybody have a couple straitjackets I can borrow? Or a padded room?

Okay, funny fact: Tanner and I were trying to make a show that I could put on my weekly blog. Of course he wouldn't listen to the director (me). He said he wanted to do "what he had in his mind." So he did this superman thing saying " Oh no! There's a fire! I gotta save the day!" then jumping off his bed for 5 minutes strait.

I was trying to get him to do a spoof on a commercial. You know the one with the voice recorder? " Oh no, I forgot where I parked my car!" said the old lady who was a terrible actress. My sister Rachel and I, every time we see that commercial, always mimic the old lady by saying " Oh no, I forgot how to act!"

He he I thought of another funny commercial. Try to guess (in a comment) what it's a commercial for... "It's the most sophisticated thing you will ever pee on" says the big booming voice. : D

I'll be here next weekend! : D


McEwens said...

YOU CRACK ME UP!!! I will never look at a little green man again without thinking, GASP he could be a democrat! Or worse, a democrat that wear underwear on his head!

Erin said...

Why is underwear so funny for every child?

And that commercial sounds kind of gross.

The Brewers said...

Were the underwear at least clean?...probably not with my boys!

Barbaloot said...

Totally with you on the St. Patrick's day idea. The holiday just doesn't do much for me.

Mina said...

I think I missed that commercial. But little kids do LOVE anything to do with potty talk, don't they?

Good post, Noelle! Keep 'em coming!