Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Enjoying a Beautiful Day!

On Monday, we had some beautiful weather

(Tanner did NOT need his coat!)

so I took a few of the kids & grandkids to the park....
  Yes, even my teen-age girls.  We had a blast, and the weather was great! 

And it was a good thing that we went when we did.  Today was a wet yucky day out, just perfect for naps --

--and just hanging out with grandma!


Mrs. Organic said...

It was gorgeous weather yesterday - I hope it's back this weekend.

Cherie said...

We also had a great day yesterday and then the thunderstorms rolled in last night and POW!
Spring must be here.
Glad you got a chance to take advantage of all the nice weather with the kids. They are a bunch of cuties. I especially love the big glasses :D

Barbaloot said...

Glad you took advantage when you did since it was practically snowing this morning!!

M-Cat said...

Love those kinds of days.
Today we are back to cold and rain.... boo

JoeyRes said...

Beautiful kids and beautiful weather - so many reasons to love spring!