Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Your Thoughts and Mine.... and a couple memories, all thrown into one....

Are my thoughts like your thoughts, sometimes?    Full of the good, the bad, and the silly?  It's a good thing that we usually don't act on all of our bad ones.  And it's too bad that we don't act on enough of the good thoughts that we do have.


Have you ever driven by the neighborhood where you grew up and found that your childhood home had been torn down?
I have... the childhood home that I spent ages 4-11 in, and had a little barn that my dad built from from materials from a little old church that he helped tear down... and a big yard with a wooden walkway thru the yard and garden to the barn, because my dad was a neat freak
(and still is - and now I love it)
. . . .it's all gone.
Replaced by cookie cutter-San Francisco-style attached homes and apartments.

Gone are the trees I used to climb.
The sandbox I used to play in. 
The creek that my brothers and I used to catch crawdads in (well, my brothers did that, not me!)
Lots of memories, just erased. 

And while I realize that room needed to be made for homes for many families on the nearly one acre lot that we used to play on, it's still a little devastating...

Has that ever happened to you?


When I was a tot, like other little kids, I watched the typical children's shows. 

(Until I was 6, when my younger brother turned the TV off and on and off and on and off and on until it blew the picture tube.  Didn't have a TV again 'til I was 13)

They were educational, both of them:  Electric Company and Sesame Street.   I was too young to remember if they did this back then - I doubt it - but I hate it when children's shows - and I am particularly talking about shows geared for pre-school kids - promote the latest controversial fashion or social trend.

Not their place.  
Whatever happened to just teaching the tots their ABC's?


Cynthia said...

My folks still live in my childhood home. However, my Grandparent's farm looks nothing like the farm I remember. The farmhouse has been expanded and totally remodeled. The outbuildings have been torn down or changed beyond recognition. Even the driveway that circled the house is different. When we visit, it's hard to drive by. The only thing that's still there and familiar is the old outhouse! Seriously!

Cherie said...

This made me chuckle because I really do have alot of strange thoughts sometimes and I wonder if others do too.

I have driven by my childhood home and actually got to go in. It was weird. It was SO small compared to my memories. We lived there until I was 10 and I guess being small makes things look larger.

Debbie said...

Whenever I go home to Aloha I always drive by my childhood home, the schools etc. My biggest heartache was when the mountain (we called it that) behind the trailer park I lived in was plowed down and high-end houses were built. I spent most of my summers up there picking blackberries and hiding from the traumas down below. I use to have nightmares about the blackberries being gone. Such a heartache!

Barbaloot said...

My house wasn't torn down---but the new owners had painted gaudy things in the window for the holiday and I felt like it was a yucky tattoo on my old home.

Grace said...

I have gone back to Pennsylvania as often as I can and the home that my parents lived in for 39 years is now owned by this young couple and it's not torn down but let's just say it doesn't look nearly as nice as it did when my Mom and Dad owned it. many memories

M-Cat said...

I miss the electric company! I loved that one. Oh and wasn't there something called School house rock that came on during cartoons on Saturdays? What happened to those?

Lara said...

My parents still live in the house I grew up in adn I will be devastated if it is ever torn down. Or if they even move from it, for that matter!

susette said...

The house I grew up in just looks run down. My parents were immaculate gardeners and kept the yard beautiful. For some reason the house also looks smaller than when I lived there even though nothing structurally has changed. Weird?

I loved Electric Company. Those old shows can never be duplicated.

wendy said...

A few weeks ago hubby drove me past a trailor park that I lived in with husband #1 and I had 3 small children in that neglected trailor park.
It is still standing....and much trashier then when we lived there 32 years ago. Amazing.
Things never stay the same it seems.
our memories are the best.

I don't like many of the childrens shows these days. Too "grown up" somehow.

JoeyRes said...

My own parents tore down my childhood home about 10 years after we moved out of it. Our new house was on the same property. I'd love for my daughter to have seen it, but I'll always have those memories.

tammy said...

My parents still live in my childhood home, but I was sad to watch my Grandparents' home change after they had died and our family sold it. First there was a fire in it (which we joked was my Grandma not wanting anyone else to live in it), then it was boarded up and torn down. I felt like all my memories were being torn down too.

I miss the little School House Rock commercials on Saturday mornings. They tought some good things. I still remember some of them...."I'm just a bill, yes I'm only a bill, and I'm sitting here on Capital Hill..."

bridget3420 said...

Found your blog on MBC. I'm following you now and would love it if you would follow me too:

Just ME the MOM said...

Singing along with Tammy . . . THAT was my FAVORITE! . . . and someday I'll get to be a law - LOL :)


Eileen said...

Yes, electric company and sesame st were the shows that helped me with my English :) Love those shows. I watched it till I was 12! And again when I was in my 30s cos that's when my boys were in preschool.