Saturday, April 17, 2010

Spokane Washington Tax-Day Tea Party (and Why I Love Idaho!)

After all the posts I have done voicing my opinion about the government, the economy, and the direction they are headed towards,  I decided it was time to do something besides just faxing and emailing my congressmen and senators. 
(and feeling slightly frustrated  too, I might add, because my {Idaho's} representatives view the world in a morally and fiscally conservative way, for the most part.  That's a good thing, yes, but how do I make a difference - on a national level, I mean?)
After checking to see if there were any rallies anywhere in Idaho (there weren't), my husband and I decided  to attened the rally that was being held in nearby Spokane.
Saw this as we were parking....
There was some diversity . . .

. . . and lots of signs being waved, voicing various opinions

There were some great speakers, and a couple of youth who sang an original patriotic song,
and the Governor of Idaho, Butch Otter (great redneck name, right?) spoke.  

We also heard from a Representative from Washington state. 

The difference between liberal-leaning Washington state and quite-conservative Idaho?
In a nutshell, Idaho has cut it's operating budget by about 30%.

The democratic majority of theWashington legislature wouldn't even listen to budget-cut proposals made by the republican representatvies (sound familiar?).    This is in a state where about 189,000 people have lost their jobs. And during the same period of time, government jobs grew by about 1%.  Not a big number, it's true, but shouldn't the public sector feel the same kind of pain that the private sector is feeling?

Just a thought.
Great turnout in this relatively small city . . . this is only about half of the people that were there.


M-Cat said...

Good for you! One day I am going to get to a rally and see what it's like. I like to feel a part of things and to people watch - perfect place for both

Just ME the MOM said...

Wow - good for you! That's taking the bull by the horns. I really should at least pay more attention to what is going on in my hometown around the corner!


tammy said...

Great job getting involved.

And government cutting back? Well that just makes too much sense.