Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Letter From My Son, the Missionary

My son, Chad is currently serving a mission for the LDS church, in Rancagua, Chile. He has served almost 17 months of his two-year mission.

Yesterday, got this letter from him that I thought I would share with you . .

Hey what’s up? I had a good week.

Something happened this week, a little much, but it’s cool.

My shoes broke. The inside broke though from all the walking, and they were left unusable, so I started wearing my shoes that are only supposed to be for meetings. They are really good shoes, but as a missionary, you always want to have 2 pairs, one for the street, and the other for church and meetings. Especially in Chile.

Then one day it started pouring down rain. We stopped by to visit Brother Pastenes, an older guy in the ward that can’t leave his house. The first thing he did is look down at my nice, non-waterproof, wet shoes, and almost obligates me to borrow his nicest and best pair of shoes, perfect for missionaries that walk all day, and completely waterproof.

The next day the bishop noticed that I had borrowed shoes, so I told him that I just borrowed them until my shoes dried. When the bishop found out that I didn’t have an extra pair, the next day he came up with the idea to fast for the missionary work in the area, and use the money to buy me shoes. Obviously when he handed me the money for the shoes, I tried to tell him to use it for the missionary fund of the church, but he wanted me to have it. And apparently half the ward joined in on it and told me that they wanted to do it to show their love for the missionaries.

Teaching on the Street
I am still shocked. It just seems like too much to accept, but they did it out of charity. So now every time I get tired, and my head sags a bit, I can see the shoes that they gave me and I remember the sacrifice they made and I start to work harder.

It’s just crazy to me that they would do something like that - for me. I don’t think you guys need to worry too much about me. The Chilean people are extremely loving, and go out way of their way to help and protect us.

They are always telling us that it is what my mom would like to see, that her son is being well taken care of.

Love, Chad

You'd better believe that I had tears streaming down my cheeks after I read this.
And I didn't even know that he needed new shoes.

Pictures! Finally, after none at all for SIX months!

Daily Schedule

New Comp, First Comp, and Elder Chad Carey
Chad and a Chilean Family
No wonder his shoes wore out!


C Maisy said...

Great story. All your worries must have just vanished.
Thanks so much for sharing!!

Jen said...

What a great story and great missionary!

LyndiLou said...

Ohhh... I'm sooo glad that your missionary is being so loved and taken care of! I'm learning more and more how hard that work is and gaining a better respect for all who has chosen to serve! Thanks for sharing! :)

Messy Jess said...

that is so sweet.

Grace said...

that is so touching Loralee! The missionaries are really loved in Central and South America...it is great that your son's Bishop wanted to do that for him. Our son in Honduras never told us his shoes were beat till he was nearly done...the people there helped him too. So great. Funny I just posted on my blog about Sean..he has FINALLY sent some photos...he hardly ever sends any so I took advantage of them and wrote some things about him and all. 7 more months for you son...is that right? Wow...I bet he's grown so much.

Jan the crazy lady said...

Tears are here. Oh so touching to any heart. How wonderful that he is falling in love with the people he is serving and vica versa. It is so beautiful to hear his words. He will always have the story of the shoes to carry with him to inspire others.

Love that and you should be so proud.

susette said...

I love hearing missionary stories. We won't be having any here for awhile :( but I am absolutely loving my boys here at home.
Your son looks like an awesome missionary!

Debbie said...

Thank you for sharing that sweet testimony with us. The Lord surely does look after our missionaries and what a comfort it must be for you to know he is being watched after. What a great letter and pictures!

Cynthia said...

Well I've never even MET your son and I have tears streaming down my face and a great sense of Motherly pride. What an amazing experience and what a wonderful young man you've raised. Now you need to post all your secrets so the rest of us have a chance of doing as good a job as you've all done.

And an extra 'awesome' goes to the humble people who look out for him. Wow.

Lisa said...

What a wonderful story of love for your missionary and his service to the people of Chile. I'm going to share it with my family for our missionary monday. The pictures are great too.

Amber M. said...

What an absolutely beautiful story. One I'm sure he will always remember when he thinks of his time in Chile.

And that first picture?? Fab.U.Lous.

Michelle said...

That's really a neat story - made me tear up a bit too! I'm wondering though - - isn't he a little thin? And a bit taller? or maybe the people are just short.

Melissa said...

What a letter! And yes, tears, tears and more tears.

There really isn't anything like having a missionary out. Unless you experience yourself, you can't describe it to people.

While Chad is further North than Luke, the climate is similar with all the rain. And considering how poor the people are there, for them to loan shoes and then donate their fast offerings is absolutely remarkable!

You asked me if Luke lost weight. He didn't! He put on about 20 lbs but he needed it! He's dropped some but is still a little thicker than before he left. I think that is the Lord's way of providing for him to stay warm in the freezing wet winters he has.

Love the letter, keep 'em coming sistah!

Pedaling said...

thanks for posting this.
nothing like having that missionary out and watching them grow, to love and be loved.

just looked over you blog and love it. it's nice to find someone who i have much in common with.

VICKI IN AZ said...

Precious and my heart is so full. I am so thankful that you shared this beautiful story with us. What an amazing young man.
Mom, you have done well.