Sunday, June 28, 2009

Oregon: More Fun and Photos

So, I have been very, very sloooooow about posting about our Oregon trip.
And, I thought that doing it in installments might be a little more interesting (?) than just a whole slew of photos.
After we went to the Portland Rose Garden, we continued on another 30 miles or so to my parent's home. They live in a neighborhood that has refurbished the original old-fashioned schoolhouse into a clubhouse/great place for family reunions.

(Side story here - We were there at the Schoolhouse for a family New Years Eve party a few years ago. All good, clean, Mormon fun.
Then a couple of my brothers and their kids decided that it would be fun to set off pop-bottle rockets - you know, the kind where you use a 2 liter plastic soda bottle. Havin' a great time, until THE COPS SHOWED UP! I think my mom & dad were going to die, they were so embarrassed. They raised good kids, no trouble with the law (other than traffic tickets, mostly mine) until they were about 40 years old! Luckily, the officer recognized it as a silly prank, not a bomb scare that the neighbors were reporting. And I might add that this was only a couple of years after 9/11, and everyone was very jittery!)
Saturday, we went to the farmer's market (sorry, no pics, but it was fun!) and then we packed up and went to the coast.
This is the normal weather for the Oregon coast, so we were not surprised.

This was also the only picture we got of the coast, probably because Rachel was the photographer, and she had her friend, Dan, along.

Tillamook Cheese Factory gift shop
This is Dan. He really is all boy, but sometimes a cute girl will make a boy do some silly stuff . . . he was just being a good sport, I think.

Has the best ice cream in the whole wide world - double scoops so we could try more than one flavor . . .


After church, we went to the Portland Temple

My mom & dad, enjoying the beautiful flowers

Tanner's lovin' the water!

Noelle, taking some pictures around the temple

My mommy. Isn't she cute! Love her!

I love my daddy

I will post more later . . .


Melissa said...

The cops showing up is AWESOME!

I can only imagine.

The temple is gorgeous, I'm thinking of adding a US Temple tour to my bucket list.

I had no idea it was so pretty.....

Will admit, had to turn away at the cheese factory though : )

Grace said...

beautiful pictures Loralee. The one of you with your Dad is so sweet.

Jan said...

Love that place. And your parents are just too cute.

The Thomas Family said...

You were just in Oregon?! Us too. Don't ya just love it there. I totally remember your folks. Are they in Hillsboro now or are they still in Aloha?
Looks like you all had a great time. Your lucky daughter. I LOVED EFY.

LyndiLou said...

I'm a dork and I love cheese... I just told my husband we should go up there now because it's their 100th birthday (or anniverary... whatever!!!) It's fun seeing all the great things you guys did!!! Thanks for sharing with us!

CareyClan said...

Your pictures remind me of how much I miss Portland! I loved that place:) SO Beautiful!