Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Missionary Update

These pictures just make me want to cry!
But I don't, because I know he is where he needs to be. And the Lord is watching over him. And if you know Chad, you know that he sees all this as a Great Adventure!
Even the local creatures!

Study Time
Their VERY Humble Abode . . . ( think - he doesn't give me a lot of details regarding the pictures he sends...)

Local Creatures
Member Family
Off to Zone Conference . . .

Ok . . . just clean out your fridge a little more often!

Happy b-day Dad! Looks like you are all having fun there!
This week has been pretty slow but here’s an update. Jose STILL hasn’t gone to church! I’m getting tired of it. He says that he wants to go and he wants to be baptized but he never does. It’s like hearing a broken record at this point. I think we are going to stop going by until he goes to church by himself. We can’t keep this up.
Luis is doing good. He is still going to church and he has a lot of interest. We are going to try and get a baptismal date again this week.
Yesterday we had a cool experience. In sacrament meeting we had 2 people there that nobody knew. We went and talked to them, and it turns out that her son is in a catholic school and he has a project he has to do, - a comparison of the Mormons and the Catholics. So I went and grabbed a member to do divisions so my companion could stay with our investigators. They started out with a few questions, and soon they were amazed at the amount of pure knowledge that they received. We talked for about 2 hours about many different subjects. Then she told us that she wants to come back to church next week to learn more.

Maybe its not such a great idea of the catholic church to send their members to the Mormons to do a comparison. They might go out of business that way!



LyndiLou said...

WOW!!! Those are some crazy pictures!!! Humble barely describes that house! I made the mistake of showing my Mom those pictures and now she's freaking out... I've got another brother who has another year before he serves! Ooops!

M-Cat said...

The picture of his home makes me seriously want to cry. And the SPIDERS!! Luke had one as a pet for a while in one sector.

Can I just tell ya how much I love your missionary updates????

Sounds like he is doing great!

The Carey's said...

OK-the spiders....gross!

The Petersen's said...

OH MY GOODNESS! The spiders would completely freak me out... and I think Chad may just need to throw that whole bowl away spaghetti and all (no point in trying to save the dish). I wonder if James is having any of these similar "adventures"?

Ashley said...

Oh my gosh!!! Where is he serving? I can't BELIEVE those spiders, I would be freaking out!

Michelle said...

Just makes me want to shiver. . . can you imagine trying to sleep?! I wonder if they have lady missionaries in his mission and WHERE THEY have to live!? :) Justin has told me stories about refrigerators in his mission also. . . it annoyed the heck out of him, but he's kind of a "neat freak". Wonder where he got that, it certainly wasn't me!

Grace said...

i loved your post Loralee and the living conditions look very much like what our son Robbie dealt with while in Honduras. It's great to hear how your son is growing and appreciating. How long till he comes home now?

Kerri said...

Wow. Just wow. Those spiders... What an amazing experience he's having.

Lara said...

OH my goodness. The spiders.

Although, I always say that I was given the "gift of bugs" while I served my mission. Otherwise I would have been screaming myself silly all day long. And wouldn't you know it? That gift was lost as soon as I was released, and I scream again when I see a cockroach.

It sounds like he is having a truly amazing experience. What a blessing.

Jan said...

Oh my gosh. I can see why you would want to cry. What a cutie though.

Kate said...

Love the pictures. Sounds like he is having a great adventure. Hope you are doing terrific. No I haven't fallen off of the face of the earth. Keep commenting it means a lot.

Nancy Face said...

Local creatures...EEEEK!!!

What a fantastic post! Think of how much he'll appreciate his home after having lived in such humble surroundings! I love that you shared his letter! :)

Cherie said...

EEEkkkk! Spiders!! They look icky BUT the missionary looks awesome. I love the first picture in his humble abode.
Love our missionaries - Thanks for sending yours out!

I'm a new visitor. Love your blog!

Gatten Gang said...

that is why it is hard to pick my kids up from their missions..however, I would never miss it! Crazy places they live in! J

Nathan said...

These are pictures to make a mother nervous, but they will make for some great memories down the road.

Gross spiders, though. If I was there, I would quickly make them acquainted with the business end of my shoe.

susette said...

Your missionary is so cute and seems to be feeling totally at ease in all that complete freakiness!! My skin totally is feeling the weebie jeebies right now!
I am grateful for missionaries and the work they do out all over the world. How much longer does yours get to serve??