Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Last 6 Weeks . . .

Who can explain what it's like to have a son on a mission?
Only a family who has experienced the same thing knows just what it's like. It's wonderful - but you miss him like crazy.
You love that he's serving the Lord and helping people find a new way of life.
You think of him every day, and on holidays like his birthday and Christmas,
you hope that there is a family there who will help make it a wonderful day.My son Chad - otherwise known as "Elder Carey" has had all of this for these past two years. Well, almost two years- How quickly it's flown by!
I always thought the time would drag, and felt guilty when I realized that it did not.
There was still the rest of the family to take care of, daily needs to be met. And I am glad that he has had some fun times, too. And eaten some pretty crazy foods . . . I hope that he knows how much we love him, and appreciate the time he has given in service of the Lord. I hope he knows that there are many who appreciate him who were unable to express it in words.And those who don't know yet how much they appreciate the word of the Lord and the Spirit that they felt in their lives.

Yesterday I got this short but sweet letter from Chad, summing up in few words, as is his style, the last part of his mission . . .


It's official!

I have officially started my LAST change! Only 6 weeks or 42d days or 1008 hours and counting. Right now I'm in la pintana (the ghetto) again but I really don't know how it is yet because I just got here like an hour ago. Now I'm with Elder George Romo. he is nice, is about 7 feet tall and kind of looks like Mr Beans. Seems really nice though.

Well I have to see how it goes, but I'm planing on finishing the mission hard.

(I think he meant "strong", but it got lost in the translation...)

Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Day 2009

Ready - Set - Go!
They all went straight for the stockings. . . I made all the kids (that are still at home) a scarf this year . . .
(Noelle's is still a work in progress)
(This photo was taken by Issac's dad, who is still trying to figure out Rachel's camera ...)
OK - I have to admit that I didn't get Tanner's done til last night either. . .

Lazy Bailey-dog
Apparently Santa knew EXACTLY what Isaac wanted!
Hugs for his mommy
I am realizing that I have just been blessed with a Costco-sized can of Almond Roca. . . like I NEED more chins!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Eve with the Carey Gang . . .

Everyone (except Chad, who will be home in 6 1/2 weeks!)
gathered at our home for Christmas Eve dinner, dessert, and presents!
Evalie . . .
Evalie and Hannah in their matching aprons -

Tanner and Isaac . . .
Dillon . . .
Evan Thomas, waiting in anticipation so patiently -
Tom-Tom LOVES shoes. Any kind - flip-flops, crocs, sport, boots. Especially boots.
So that's why I was looking forward to giving him these way-cool Fireman boots.
But - there is something to be said about what Order you give them their gifts.
He opened those puzzles, and didn't have eyes for anything else.
I guess puzzles are his new favorite thing!Cutie pie Hannah at the pianna . . . hee hee
4 month-old Brooke with her mommy . . .
Even Ninja gets a gift!
I got signed copy of this book . . . my son Jake waited outside in temperatures that were in the teens for 6 hours to get this for me
(of course Sarah came to Coeur d'Alene on her book tour - she was born in north Idaho)
. . . Best Gift Ever!
The next day, Kayla bought this book for Mark. I guess we won't be fighting over who gets to read it first!

Ward Christmas Party . . .

Our ward had our Christmas party on Dec 12 - I am obviously waaay behind getting things posted here!

We had an excellent turnout - estimates run about 230 people. That gym was PACKED!
Best turnout ever, thanks to our excellent Ward Activities committee . . .

Each table had 12 - 16 people, and one family was the host family. Each table had it's own assignments for table decorations, side dishes and desserts, so most who signed up came out.

Good Plan.

Mark, surrogate grandpa for his friend Chris . . .

Kayla and Evalie . . .
A little entertainment during dinner.
Bro T sang a Swedish song or two that he and his family always sang growing up.
One was a really funny song that I wish I had recorded - who knew those Swedes had such a sense of humor?

The Youth gathered to sing Christmas carols . . .The primary kids, dressed in Nativity clothing -Tanner is on "Mary's" left . . . Sing? Who wants to sing when you can be talking to your buddy about wearing your bathrobe at church!

"Hi Mom!"

Saturday, December 19, 2009

I Am Getting Ready to Make Christmas Cookies . . .

picture courtesy of Google Images

What are your favorites?

Will you share your recipes?

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I've Been Counting My Blessings . . .

. . . and have been crazy busy with checking lists, shopping, making, baking, wrapping, and shipping.

Not to mention working with, and fixing some of the things that are breaking down around here . . . it's all about finding blessings in trials -

I'll post about it all soon!

(until then, enjoy these awesome photos, courtesy of Google Images . . . )

Hope you are having a wonderful week -