Sunday, June 26, 2011

Beginning Our Garden....Way Late!

As promised, here are some photos of the garden that we have been working on this past month. 


The weather had been too wet and cold to get started any sooner.

As I get older, I enjoy my garden more and more.  I never thought this would be the case back when I would weed the family garden for what seemed like hours and hours every day.  (Probably was, in reality, a whole lot less - right Mom and Dad?)

I am grateful to my parents who taught me how to weed, and more importantly, the value of hard work.

And the value of having a garden.

As an adult with my own garden, for years it had been more of a hobby than anything.

A place to escape to, where I knew my children would not follow....

For the past few years, the importance of having a garden has changed for me.  I have always believed that we should learn to be self-sufficient, but putting that into action is quite a different story. 

This year, I was hoping to have a really great garden.  One where we could harvest the bounty and enjoy it for much of the winter.  

Well, the weather certainly has NOT cooperated.  Too cold.  Or too wet.  Or too wet and cold.
We are at least a month behind, as my photos will attest to.

 Asparagus - have you ever had fresh asparagus, straight from the garden? 
Even if you don't think you like asparagus,  you will like it fresh. 
Green Beans - just sprouting
 Blackberries - a lot less hearty than last year...
 Chives - The only thing that's doing great!
Green Peppers - starts from the Farmer's Market.
 Red curly lettuce - close-out starts from the garden center
 Rhubarb - So I lied - the rhubarb is doing great, too!
 Tomatoes - Garden Center as well...
Zucchini - have you ever seen a more pathetic plant?
 New rows of strawberries....
 A cluster of berries, ready to pick from last year's rows.
OK.  So call us optimists
(well, you can call my hubby an optimist, since he bought these plants from the garden center)

Do you know what kind of plant this is?


This is a tomatilla plant.

I know....

Thursday, June 23, 2011

OK, Got the New Background.... I am off to do some work in the garden.  And we are waaaay behind.

Will post photos soon!

Friday, June 17, 2011

. . . Where's Global Warming when you need it???

So anyone who's ever looked at my blog with any regularity (and I appreciate all three of you!) will know that I often change my backgrounds.  I like to match it to the season.   Anyone else out there like to do that, or is it just me?   Anyway, that's what I do.  Except I haven't changed it to a summertime background, with bright flowers and maybe a blue-sky background.  Why not, you ask? 



I feel just a bit better now.

The only other thing that will cheer me up right now is some SUMMER SUNSHINE!  With temps in the 70's and 80's, too, if you don't mind....

Yeah, I know the East Coast is experiencing record high temperatures.   

Gives new meaning to the phrase "average temperature across the country", doesn't it?

(Is that really too much to ask for? I mean, I really do need my garden to grow, and so do all of my friends around me!!)