Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Pioneer Day Service Project . . . and a really fun SURPRISE! Birthday Party

Saturday was Pioneer Day, and boy, was it a busy one!  Our stake and the Coeur 'd Alene Stake did a joint service project at the park located in our ward boundaries, Farragut State Park.    

A reporter from the Coeur d'Alene press was on hand to record the work that was done.   They published this story on the front page of the Sunday edition . . .  felt good to be a part of making the park we play in so much a better place to play for everyone!       

There were about 10 different projects within the park that day, and me and my family and some friends were at the Brig, painting and excavating the cracks in the pavement.

Here I am sweeping up some dirt....and Conner was digging a big boulder out a hole in the pavement.  (Sorry about the photo, Conner - it seems that all the photos of you were of your backside.  Means you were working hard, right?)
If those big rocks are not removed before resurfacing, the cold weather heaves will push it through the new pavement.  (At least, that's what happens in my garden.  Every spring there are new rocks to remove. . . )
                                               Noelle and Madi doing a little excavating....                                            
A group of people digging, and more people painting the walls of the old Brig, which now houses the Museum of the park's history
Tanner going to town with the paintbrush.  Who knew he had such skills?
So since July 24 is my husband's birthday,
And it always gets overlooked because we are always busy with
Pioneer Day events of some sort or another. 
And because he Always makes my birthday special,
like this and like this...
(I wasn't kidding!)
I thought it was about time to throw him a Surprise Party.
Thank goodness for texting,
and great friends who like a good surprise party. 
I started letting people know about it about a week before. 
No one let it slip.  They all snuck over after our Sunday dinner.
We totally had him fooled.
Our granddaughters Hannah and Evalie enjoying some cake
Rachel and baby Brooke
Conner giving Shawn a man-hug
(Shawn hates man-hugs
- that's why it's so fun! hee hee)
Silly Evan Thomas
Mark opening his gag-gifts....he got some pretty good ones
What's this?
So what's in the Redneck Survival Kit?
The tag says:
"This is a Redneck Yardstick. 
I know this because I found it in my yard. 
You can do so many things with this Yardstick...
You can check to see how deep a mud puddle is...
You can see how much gas in in the lawn mower...
You and your dog can play catch with it...
You can even use it to start a fire...
You can use it for whatever you wish...
Just DON'T put it back in my yard!
Redneck Switchblade
...Before you pinch the clothespin...
and After...
The tag says...
The Weather Rock
This rock is the 100% perfect weather indicator.
It never fails and is even more accurate than your local weather person.
This is how it works:
A dry rock means fair weather
A wet rock means it's raining
A dusty rock means a dust storm
A swaying rock means it's windy
A shadow under the rock means it's sunny
A white rock means it's snowing
If the rock is jumping up and down, an earthquake is upon us
If the bottom of the rock is under water, there's a flood.
Too funny...
The only problem with this gag gift - Mark wants to hang it in the family room and leave it there for good! (Thanks a lot Missy! ha!)
Love you Honey! 
Hope you had a great birthday!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

This & That . . .

A little bonding time here . . .
riding the tractor is his favorite thing to do!
 (Hey mom and dad-I don't do hair and makeup before I do my chores anymore!)

Noelle - opening her first bank account
She's growing up so fast

Conner. . . striking a pose at the park
(aren't they cute?)

Friday, July 9, 2010

The Incredible Mouthful of Missing Teeth . . .

This photo was taken before his first top front tooth fell out . . . hangin' there all ready to go.

And this is after . . . after a looooong day in the hot sun, he was tired and not cooperating . . .

That's better . . . what a cutie is this toothless wonder . . .

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Our Independence Day

Bonfire . . . 

with family and friends . . .
Then fireworks with everyone, on our front lawn.
It's great to live so near a theme park, and neighbors that have great fireworks, and a pizza place in our little town who gave Silverwood a run for their money.
We had a fireworks show from almost every direction! 
Oh, and did I mention the lightning storm that was a distant backdrop for it all . . . pretty cool . . . (too distant to get a good photo, though)

Yay, USA!

Friday, July 2, 2010

My Boys Love to Fish!

Last week, my two youngest boys went with their dad on an epic fishing trip.  It's always fun for my hubby to take our boys to the same campground that he loved to go to as a kid, in beautiful north Idaho.  No other place can possibly be more beautiful. . . and we are not biased in any way about it. . . .
A new friend of Mark's and his son came up to join them.  I think they will become great friends....
And they all caught some good sized fish.  (OK, so it's a small lake - how big can the fish get?)
They don't mind what the weather is like. . . as we speak, there is thunder and lightning going on here at home.  And 80 miles away, in the mountains, they are back at they favorite fishing spot. 
Hopefully, the storm will pass them right on by. . . but it not, they are tough guys.  They will stick it out, because tomorrow is supposed to be a beautiful day!

Have fun, guys!