Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Epic Road Trip! (Via Airplane, Even Better!)

In 2003, when my oldest daughter, Kayla, was sixteen or seventeen, 
we went on a road trip to the Edmonton Mall.  
We had so much fun that I decided that I was going to do the same with my other two daughters.

Fast forward to 2010.
Finances were looking like there was no way! that Rachel and I could even think of doing a road trip together.

(Me and Rachel)

Then in early October, my mom and dad offered to fly us (courtesy of frequent flyer miles) down to Nashville TN, where they are currently serving a mission.   

Of course, we jumped at the chance! 

(me & my super mom)

(my adorable dad!)

While we were there, they treated us to some incredible adventures.
(we won't mention the not-so-great meal we had at the Cracker Barrel, a restaurant that we all had been wanting to try.   Don't need to try it again....)

Here are some photos from some of the places we went:

These are photos Rachel took of the glass sculptures at Cheekwood gardens. 
Amazing place.
Blown glass that mimics bamboo - incredible!

Went and had dinner at the famous Bluebird Cafe - super fun, with a live show. 

We went again a couple nights later for the open-mic night.  Here is Rachel and my mom and dad waiting in line....we all had a good time chatting with everyone.  People are super friendly and genuinely nice there!
Rachel was hoping to perform - we even brought her guitar with us on the plane - but luck was not on our side.  We had a great time, anyway.  Some of the performances were side-splittingly funny - some funny in a good way, and a couple of others, not so much....

This is the Carnton Plantation.  It was used as a hospital during the Civil War, after 40,000 troops on both sides fought just 1/2 mile from this plantation, and 10,000 of them lost their lives. 

Here is the place in Franklin where the battle took happened.  The homeowners hid in their basement while the bullets flew above them. 

(I have no idea why my parents are walking in different directions...?)
You can still see the bullet holes....
Another outbuilding.  These two buildings are small, and so some of the bullets when in and all the way out the other side....
We also visited the Grand Ole Opry, but didn't get to see a show.  Last May the Nashville area experienced torrential rain storms, and this area was under about 20 feet of water. The whole building had to be redone.

The ginormous guitar . . .

We also took a trip south of Nashville, to Amish country.  But of course, we have no photos ;-)

Thanks, mom and dad, for a wonderful trip!  We love you and had a great time spending time with you!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

I Have Not Disappeared!

. . . I just don't have a camera to take photos with right now.  And how boring is a blog post  without photos!  (Like this one, right?!) 

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

? ? ?

What do this:

And this:

have in common?

I will tell you in my next post.

Right now, I just need to go to sleep.

(Maybe I will sleep just a little bit better tomight.  I'm sure you know why . . . )