Saturday, March 19, 2011

It's NOT Hookey - it's a Field Trip!

Since my husband Mark has been out of town so much in the last few month, he looks for opportunities to spend extra time with his little boys.  (They ARE getting big - fast - but I call them the little boys as opposed to our BIG boys, who currently happen to be 22 and 27 years old . . . )

So, when some sort of Outdoorsman show happened to be in  the area (wow, I don't pay attention to the details much do I?)  he jumped at the chance to take them yesterday.  Yes, on a school day.  Let's call it a Field Trip, shall we?  At least, that's what I told my friend that works in the office of their elementary school.

Yes, a Field Trip.  Best one ever, I'd say!
 Tanner - so proud of the fish he caught.  And for the extra 3 bucks they were charged to catch it, the smile was worth every penny!
And what a great man/field trip-day is complete without a trip to their favorite buffet!?

Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Funny Story About Our Prophet, Thomas S. Monson

(I saw this online this morning and I just had to repost it....)

President Thomas Monson was returning to Salt Lake City after a speaking engagement and when his Plane arrived there was a limousine there to transport him to his home.

As he prepared to get into the limo, he stopped and spoke to the driver. ‘You know’ he said, ‘I am getting pretty old and I have never driven alimousine. Would you mind if I drove it for a while?’

The driver said, ‘No problem. Have at it.’

President Monson gets into the driver’s seat and they head off down the highway. A short distance away sat a rookie Highway Patrolman operating his first speed trap.
The long black limo went by him doing 70 mph in a 55 mph zone.

The trooper pulled out and easily caught the limo and he got out of his patrol car to begin the procedure. The young trooper walked up to the driver’s door and when the glass was rolled down, he was surprised to see who was driving. He immediately excused himself and went back to his car and called his supervisor.

He told the supervisor, ‘I know we are supposed to enforce the law.. But I also know that important people are given certain courtesies. I need to know what I should do because I have stopped a very important person.’

The supervisor asked, ‘Is it the governor?’

The young trooper said, ‘No, he’s more important than that.’

The supervisor said, ‘Oh, so it’s the president…..’

The young trooper said, ‘No, he’s even more important than that.’

The supervisor finally asked, ‘Well then, who is it?’

The young trooper said, ‘I think it’s Jesus, because he’s got President Monson for a chauffeur!"

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Sneeze to Remember. . . and a Need for a Time Machine. . .

This has been a, well, interesting day....

This morning, Evan Thomas (my grandson) sneezed like no one has ever sneezed before:

(at least his sinuses are cleared!)

Poor little boy!  Grandpa made him pose for this photo before he'd let me wipe his nose. . .

Then later, Tanner and Isaac decided to ride down the steps in a giant box. 

Tanner went first.

Then Isaac.

He really, really wishes he had a Time Machine.
So he could go back in time to BEFORE this happened:

Unfortunately, this damage is way beyond any of my skills.  I guess we will be needing a good contractor!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Chicken-Spinach Calzones - Yum!

Yep, you know that post way back when, where I that said I would try any recipes that you left for me in a comment?  Well, I finally remembered to make sure that I had all the ingredients to make this one - frozen spinach isn't something that I buy frequently, I am sorry to say. 

This recipe was absolutely delicious, not that you'd know it by looking at THIS post.  I completely forgot to take photos of the finished product before they all got devoured.  And the only thing I would do differently is to make the dough that I always use for bread - mostly because I am lazy and I believe it would  be more time-effective.  My recipe makes two loaves, so I would only use half of it for the calzones, and the other half I would go ahead and bake into a loaf.     Actually, biggest reason for this is that my 6 1/2 quart mixer is just too big for the small amount of dough that the recipe calls for.  Or, you could just double the dough recipe and make a bigger batch, if you have the larger mixer like I do.

Here is a Googled photo of the recipe.  I am amazed that they look soooo much like mine did . . . and I am sure these tasted much better than they look, like mine did, too!

Thank for for the recipe, Joey!

(Next recipe I will try is the Tuna Casserole from Cmom.  Don't know when, but I hopefully I will remember to take my own photo....)