Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My near brush with the freakish Marilyn Manson . . . :~O

. . . and yes, I am talking about that scary, devil-worshipping hard rocker. Yes, the one with all the scary black eyeliner -

This afternoon my daughter Rachel and I went to Spokane to check out a few all-age venues that she has been or may be asked to play at, or others where she can go to see some shows. (She is a pretty darn good singer-songwriter, if I do say so myself). But since she is just starting out, the places she's invited to are, well, usually small and dive-y. We did see a couple that were do-able. These particular places host shows for underage singers, meaning there's no alcohol, and since there is a no-smoking in public law in Washington State, there's no smoke-y choke-y smells to deal with, either.
So, the last place that we looked at in Spokane, I spotted a parking place right smack in front of the building, right behind a big touring bus that had a trailer hooked behind it. There were parking meters there that had orange covers on them, which I took to mean that I could Park Free there!


Well, apparently that was not the case. One of several youngish men approached me and said that I could NOT park there. Well, I was already out of the car, and so I was NOT intimidated. There was nothing really official about him: no uniform, badge, or gun, OK, so no big deal. I said "I just need to run in there really quick. It'll be only a few minutes." He said, no, you can't park there, because they may need to get into the trailer for their equipment". Being used to months and months of road construction on the highway that runs from my house into town, I KNOW what "equipment" looks like, and I didn't see any signs of any of it. So I just didn't take the guy seriously, and told him, "look, it's only going to take me a minute, and we will be right back". He relented and said "OK you have TWO minutes". I thanked him, and went hurried on into the building.


Right then, my hubby called me on my cell phone, and I didn't hear what the other guys said to my friend The Bouncer. Rachel was laughing when I finished with my call, and said those other guys told him "Hey Dave, you're such a pushover". And another one said "Dude, you sure don't have any b**ls, do you?!"

So, laughing, we went into this courtyard/hallway area that led to a auditorium. But, dang it! The doors were locked, and all the other places we had been able to open the door and take a look inside. We pulled on both sets of doors, no luck. But inside, we could hear someone in there doing sound check. We took a look around to check what hours they were open so we could come back another time, and we noticed that there were various artists scheduled to sing there, like David Cook, Colbie Caillat, and for tonight, MARILYN MANSON!

Apparently, the dudes standing guard outside were his Road Crew, and the dude inside the auditorium doing sound check was the very dark and scary MM!
I am SO glad we were there in broad daylight! I would have been super scared if this had happened when it was dark. I usually don't go downtown without my hubby at night . .
(of course, Rachel was very excited to think she came "This Close" to meeting someone famous. And at her age, meeting ANYone famous is cause for excitement. Even if they may as well be the literal brother of Satan)
(But to tell the truth I Would have gotten pretty worked up if I had been able to meet David Cook or Colbie Caillat!!!)

What about you? Has anyone had a brush with fame they want to share?

Or a moment that you kinda bullied your way into somewhere that you wanted to be?

Leave a comment about it, or maybe you could do a post about it ?


Mrs. Organic said...

You should've banged on the doors and snucka pic.

Cherie said...

I think I would have been scared to meet Marilyn Manson - He is one sick dude!
That is really neat that your daughter is so talented. It will be fun to hear about where she ends up playing - Good luck to her it is exciting I am sure :D

Annette Lyon said...

Cool! MM's bouncer yelled at you! I'm with you, though. I'd totally want to see David Cook.

Lisa said...

So cool about your daughter playing in clubs!
Someone in our ward told me that his cousins are the Fab 5 dancers on America's Got Talent. I went to HS with Jon Bon Jovi before he was famous. He used to play divey clubs back then.

Amber M. said...

That is so funny because they were joking about him being in town on the radio this morning! You should have called...we'll have to meet for lunch next time you're in town.

April said...

I've had my picture taken with Richard Marx, kissed Jason Mraz on the cheek for a picture, met the members of Evanescence while they signed my Gamecube, made Alana Davis laugh during a concert, and wrapped birthday present soemone was sending to Charlie Sheen. I should blog about all that!!! :)

MM freaks me out. I'm glad that you DIDN'T meet him. Ew.

LyndiLou said...

DANG it!!! :S That was me up above... I was in my Sister's account! :P Sorry!!!

da franks said...

That's an awesome story. I think it's even cooler that you stood up to that young guy. We have eaten in the space needle, one table away from the band "Life House", and my mom stood in the security line at the airport and talked to "Flavor Flav", but she didn't know who he was at the time. I had to explain it to her. Hugged and got pics with Good Charlotte, but that's about all our famous people encounters.

Kate said...

No brush with fame over here. What an interesting experience. I bet your daughter thought it was great. Hope you are doing great.

M-Cat said...

Love that you sweet talked your way in there and didn't let those bullies stop you.

I would have totally banged on the door, and then had my camera ready for when he answered. DUDE! snap! Bwah ha ha ha

susette said...

Colbie Callait is one of my favorites. I saw her in concert twice now but not up close and personal. I did get to go backstage and meet Keith Urban. That was the total bomb. I even got a picture with him. He's a tiny guy. Just only a couple inches taller than my 5'5" body.

Dave said...

This started as a very long comment, so i switched it to a post :-)

So come read my Clint Black story at my blog.

Anonymous said...

yikes... Marilyn Manson freaks me OUT!!! big time!!!!!!!!!!!!

glad you didnt have to rub shoulders with him!!!!!

Shorty said...

I got to meet the band Alabama when I was about 10 years old, and the lead singer (was his name Randy?) pinched my chubby cheeks! Does that count???? Then when I was 12 I got to meet Robert Palmer, the guy from the video with all the chicks dancing in black dresses with guitars. You know, back in the day?

Ok, so I don't have any great stories....