Friday, June 11, 2010

Goodbye, Kindergarten

Yesterday, my youngest son graduated from Kindergarten
My baby

His teacher is also retiring this year 
She has taught almost every one of our seven children 
Tanner has more energy in his little body
than all of my other energetic children,
all put together
I wonder if that had anything to do with her retiring so young?
She can't be much older than I am
No, wait 
I am kinda getting old

His best buddy, Tate

For some reason, this photo is almost like looking into the future about 12 years. 
I can totally see him rolling up his diploma
and using it for a horn, even then 
That is so his personality
I completely adore this boy

Our youngest.  Our baby.  Where has the time gone?
When your kids are first born,
you can never imagine how quickly this day will come
You'd think I'd be used to it by now 
After all, I've already had 3 children graduate from high school  
One is off to college this fall
The other two have kids of their own
To all the young mothers of children -
Treasure each day they are little 
Find something special about each day, for each child
One day soon, they will be leaving "the nest" 
Sometimes you are so ready for that to happen
Other times, not ready at all
On better days, you dread that day
On stressful days, you think you are ready to see them go!
But that's sad - it's a wasted day
Because, you never really will be ready
That day - it always comes too soon


Lara said...

I freak out every time my kids hid a milestone like this. They are growing up before my eyes and I'm afraid I will miss something if I blink!

M-Cat said...

Nice reminder to the young mom's. I spent so much time wishing and waiting for the NEXT big thing, that I didn't take the time to enjoy the moments.

And could he look any more like his Dad?

On to bigger things!

Joey @ Big Teeth and Clouds said...

How sweet they are in their little graduation caps! Congratulations and I'm sure it wasn't him in particular that made the teacher retire!

Amber M. said...

Kindergarten is the best...and Kindergarten graduation is even better!!! Congrats to you and your handsome 1st grader.

(I waved to the turnout to your town yesterday on out way to Silverwood:-)

tammy said...

The time does go by so fast! I know they have to grow up, but sometimes I wish they didn't have to.

Just ME the MOM said...

Such a sweet post, those years do fly by so quickly. My daughter just left to head back up to college after being home for the weekend, I kept glancing at her and thinking "she really IS NOT old enough to be doing this" :)


ALSO thank you for always coming by for a visit and leaving me wonderful comments. Especially during this time when I have so little time for my blogging life . . . I do so miss it.



wendy said...

Graduating from Kindergarten ---and before you know it getting his mission call.
It all goes to fast.
savor every little moment.

Emma said...

Oh that brought a tear to my eye... my youngest will be staring pre-school soon and it makes me want to cry... she wont be my baby anymore!!!

Thank you for the reminder to love every day!!!

Julie Harward said...

Hi, thanks for your visit to my blog. The day does come ever so quickly as you have stated here! :D

Pedaling said...

i do my best to treasure the moments.

everyone always loves the baby of the family!

Cmom said...

I just have to simply look to young to already have endured such milestones in your children's lives. I only have 5 kids and I don't look anywhere near as good as you! :)