Sunday, August 15, 2010

Cute cabin, Where are the Huckleberries? and My Grown-up Baby Boy . . .

Last week while Rachel and Noelle were at Girl's Camp, we took the boys up near the Canadian border for a couple of nights camping. 

This is the cabin we stayed in the first night - so comfy and cozy!  Thank you Sam and Marla, for letting us stay there!

The next morning, we went out in search of the famous north Idaho Huckleberry.  It is our tradition to go into the mountains every summer in search of this tiny tart blue-berry. 
Not much luck this year.  We looked high and low, and even drove down little used paths - I don't think they've been roads in a long while . . .I cringed for miles as branches scraped both sides of the truck, and prayed that there would be a spot wide enough to turn around. 
Eventually we found one.
And we found some berries, too. 
But they were very tiny,
and we only managed to pick less than one gallon.  
The next night we went to our favorite north Idaho campground, one that has a paved loop to ride bikes on.  Isaac brought his brand-new bike (one that he bought with his own money - very proud of him!) and Tanner had his, too, complete with training wheels.  And I was bound and determined that those 'lil wheels would be gone before we returned home to our long gravel driveway. 
So Mark took them off.
After about 3 frustrating laps running alongside him, holding on to the back of his jacket, and tipping over time and again anyway, and constantly encouraging him to get back on and not give up, he finally figured  out the balance thing! 
(I wonder if telling him it would be embarrassing to have training wheels on during the Cub Scout bike rodeo did the trick?  I think so...even if that's more than a year away!)

Too cool for . . .
baby training wheels!  Ha!


Joey @ Big Teeth and Clouds said...

Congrats on ditching the extra wheels! He can go everywhere now.

It was a bad summer here for berries.

Anonymous said...

that looks like fun.. and a gorgeous place!!!

Cherie said...

Looks like a wonderful getaway.
One of my sons learned to ride his bike on a camping trip too - there is some kind of magic there.
The last picture is cute - he looks so "cool"!

wendy said...

How nice that you got away and I bet the cabin was great. I love being outdoors. There have been few berries of any kind around these parts as has just been that kind of year. Everything is later for sure at least.

are you familiar with where Creston British Columbia is......we were just there on our way home from picking up our puppy. We like it there and are "considering" putting it on our list of possible places to move to.

M-Cat said...

Nothing like that moment of giving up the training wheels!
And I have NEVER tasted a huckleberry. I'm so lame

Lisa @ Pulsipher Page said...

Great pictures. We were just up in Idaho last week. No camping though. We went for my daughters wedding reception. Beautiful country.

Just ME the MOM said...

Love these summer adventures - they sustain my soul through the long cold winters until I know they will come rolling around again! Looks like such fun!