Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Isn't She Cute?

I have to tell you about this day. 
It was my granddaughter Evalie's birthday, about a month ago. 
Since she is so much like her mom, and her mom is so much like me, I knew that she would love a little shopping trip. 
So, we headed out to the mall together, just the two of us.  
Which is rare.  
We went from store to store, looking at all the dresses
- she loves dresses -
and talked about which dress was the cutest. 
This is the one that she picked out. 
And, the dress was on sale, which in the Carey family's book, makes a purchase all the better. 
But Evie didn't know that. 
She just loves the dress!


Barbaloot said...

Gosh-do they have one in my size? That's darling!

LisAway said...

Cute dress AND cute girl! How fun to have some girl time alone with her!
Do you pronounce Evie like Eve-ee or Eh-vee? I assume the first, since that's the way most people do it, but since her name is Evalie, which I assume is pronounced with a short "e" I thought maybe the shortened version my also have the short e. My daughter is Ewelina (which I assume is just the way you pronounce your granddaughter's name only with a "na" at the end!) and we call her Evie with the short e.

M-Cat said...

So cute! I would like one!

Cynthia said...

She's darling! The dress is cute too.

wendy said...

and she models it sooooo well.

tammy said...

Adorable. I hope I get some granddaughters some day to do this kind of thing with!

Tammy said...

Evalie is adorable! Beautiful girl in a sweet dress. What JOY these darling grandchildren bring to our lives.

Just ME the MOM said...

That is my kind of an adventure! Every girls should be queen for a day at the mall :)

I'm so envious - anyone want to be my little shopping partner? :)


Annette Lyon said...

Grandma b-day outings are the BEST. Way to go, Grandma!

Emma said...

Perfect!!! When I was little all I was worried about was if the dress twirled!!!

Jessica said...

Hello, stopping by from the blog hops.

Your granddaughter is adorable!!

Hope you will stop by and follow either or both of my blogs.

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Grace said...

she's a cutie Loralee...girls just know what they like don't they? and they love to shop! glad you had so much fun with your granddaughter