Sunday, May 8, 2011

How to Make YoUr MoM HaPPy...

ThiS iS How to make yoUr MoM haPPy.  Frst, you maKe braakfaSt four yoUr MoM. Next, you clean The house. Then, you Make lunch foUr MoM.  
Last you give MoM flowers. 
That WaS How to Make your MoM haPPy. 

(from Tanner, my first-grader.  He and Isaac and Noelle are making breakfast for me right now....I'm betting the flowers will appear at dinnertime...I LOVE my kids!)

Card from Noelle:

I got all my good qualities from  you, Mom.
Isn't is lucky you had 
more than enough 
for both of us? :-)
<3 Love, Noelle  

Card from Isaac (handmade, all of them!)

I Love You
with all my heart, 
If I keep it in, 
my heart can't take it
so I'm releasing it because I do 
Really Love You.

(posts about wedding and receptions to follow....eventually...)


M-Cat said...

Handmade cards are so much the BEST!

I keep every single one of them and love to go back and look at them.

What sweet kids you have!

wendy said...

I too used to love the cards the kids made for mothers day. I have kept many of them.
I certainly missed my children on Mothers day and I though a lot about Matt. I had many thoughts this mothers day.
Being a greatest blessing and joy.

Lara said...

I love them. I look so forward to Mother's Day each year just for the cute handmade cards!

Valerie said...

Your children are so sweet and creative. Sure wish mine made me any meal. :)