Friday, June 17, 2011

. . . Where's Global Warming when you need it???

So anyone who's ever looked at my blog with any regularity (and I appreciate all three of you!) will know that I often change my backgrounds.  I like to match it to the season.   Anyone else out there like to do that, or is it just me?   Anyway, that's what I do.  Except I haven't changed it to a summertime background, with bright flowers and maybe a blue-sky background.  Why not, you ask? 



I feel just a bit better now.

The only other thing that will cheer me up right now is some SUMMER SUNSHINE!  With temps in the 70's and 80's, too, if you don't mind....

Yeah, I know the East Coast is experiencing record high temperatures.   

Gives new meaning to the phrase "average temperature across the country", doesn't it?

(Is that really too much to ask for? I mean, I really do need my garden to grow, and so do all of my friends around me!!)


Cherie said...

I am a background changing addict - I have already had 2 summer backgrounds even though it is just starting to get warm this week and actually staying that way...kinda.

Hope summer reaches you soon!

Kristin said...

Insane weather!

I'm freezing today and still waiting for my memorial weekend peonies to bloom :D


M-Cat said...

I wouldn't even know how to go about changing my background

And we are finally getting summer here and what does Chloee choose to wear to school? Sweatshirt and long pants with boots *shakes head*

wendy said...

Well, as you know from my facebook posts.......I HEAR YA.
things just seem to be so out of whack right now.
I have a friend who said it is because in 2012 all the planets will align up and that will screw things up.
he is also a big Nastrodamus believer.....(whatever)
BUT..........things are out of whack