Saturday, October 22, 2011

Tanner's Baptized!

Of all of my children, Tanner was the one I was most worried about, in terms of choosing the right, when he was a little tiny boy.  He was the only one who threw and fit and fought me when it came time to go to church each Sunday.  I thought, oh boy, he's going to break my heart....

But somewhere along the way, as he got bigger and learned about the Gospel, he stopped getting so mad each week.   I know that his Primary teachers had a lot to do with it (and just learning to be able to sit still!) 

So this last year or two he has really looked forward to being baptized!

 With his Grandparents (thanks for coming, mom and dad - it means the world to us!)
The best little 8-year-old boy in the world! 


susette said...

what a precious photo. mom and son photos are priceless! Good job Tanner on making a super important decision correctly.

M-Cat said...

Love it! We still tease Tuffy about why he didn't want to go to Primary "all they wanna do is learn ya about Jesus!"

I hope he finds his way back : )