Monday, March 5, 2012

Idaho Super Tuesday!

This Republican primary cycle, Idaho actually has a say in who the nominee will be.

I am going tomorrow afternoon to stand in line

( I assume there will be lines, since for the Washington state caucus
on Saturday it was standing room only)

to caucus (strange word and an unfamiliar way to vote)
for MY choice of nominee.

I am looking forward to - literally - having my voice heard.

I will report back!

Guess who I will be voting for....:-)


Cynthia said...

And a good voting day it was (and I'm saying that because we agree on the best choice). Gotta love that Idaho picked Ron Paul second- not Sanctimonious Santorum. Go Idaho!

mCat said...

I was happy this morning when I saw the final results and can see my man Mitt in the lead. "Way ta go Idaho"