Sunday, November 25, 2012

Running With Friends (Right?)

Motivation is always a good thing.  Especially when I comes to working out.  Last year during the holidays, I did the Ironman Challenge (the Ironman 26.2 run, 112 mile bike, 2 mile swim - done over a two-week time period).  That went pretty well, so I decided to do it again.  Started yesterday.
This morning I read a friend's blog.  This is what she posted:

So I am going to do it, too!  I will also only do it 6 days a week, for the same reason she gave.

And I will post my progress on my sidebar - on the right, at the top!

Anyone want to join me?

Update:  with the holidays upon us, I have decided to wait on my Ironman Challenge until after Christmas, when it will be a little more do-able.


wendy said...

I am NOT a runner...but I guess I could substitute Power Walking eh.
All this holidy food while visiting here in Utah is killing me.
When I go back hom I'll do better cause I don't bake.

susette said...

Yay!!! I remember that challenge last year and really enjoyed the extra push it gave me! I'm always up for a good challenge:) I'm glad you are doing this and I will be following your progress :)