Sunday, December 21, 2008

USUAlly He's Pretty Compasionate . . . . . He's A Missionary! ~~Plus~~ Whatever Happened to Stick?

Here is Chad with his new mission companion. He reports that he is working really hard, eating almost as much as a Thankgiving dinner at member's homes almost every day, but is still staying thin, thanks to 8+ months of walking everywhere they needed to go. He is now enjoying (?) a bike area with Huge geographical boundaries.

In my last couple of emails to him, I have been telling him about and sending him pictures of our crazy white-out winter. So he writes back and says ---

(look how tan he is!)

"it's kind of cool that you are all freezing right now, because I'm chillin' in the shade of a tropical paradise. It is about 80-90 degrees and I've got a nice farmer's tan, and I'm drinking pineapple juice. It is far from a white Christmas this year. In fact, the coldest it's ever gotten here is like 35-40 degrees"

What a turkey!

Speaking of turkeys, last summer (seems sooooo long ago) I posted about my garden, the chickens, and our turkey, Stick, that we were raising for our Thanksgiving dinner. Well, we didn't end up eating him. We gave him to our neighbor friends because he was eating all of the chicken food. They kept him for a while, then ate him.

The funny part of this story is:

Last night we went to the Pearson's (adults only) Christmas party, where we play games and have a White Elephant gift exchange. This is always fun because everyone tries to out-do, out gross-out and out-create with the W.E. gifts that we bring. Well, Missy, our friend, neighbor, and mom of the family who ate Stick, created these really um, well, 'great' Christmas tree ornaments.

(Here's what's left of Stick)

Yep, those are turkey feet Christmas tree ornaments. A matching pair. (So this is what happens to suburban families who move to the country. . . ?)


Tracy said...

LOL! That's something I've never seen done with turkey feet before!!!!

Hope you have a very Merry Christmas!!!!

LyndiLou said...

OH my GOSH... that's freaking weird!!! YUCK!!! Did you end up with them?!? PLEASE don't tell me those are one your tree! ;) Ha ha ha!!!

sara said...

Oh man that's hilarious!

Kayla said...

K...I want to know what the heck Missy was thinking! I mean who looks at a pair of turkey feet and thinks, "Yay, Let's make Christmas Ornaments!" Seriously, that is desturbing! :-D

janet said...

Hi Loralee! I am sorry it's taken me so long to make it over to your blog. I appreciate all the comments you've made on mine! Sometimes it does seem like you're talking to yourself, huh? Anyway, I just wanted to say that your family is beautiful and you seem so together with 7 kids + adorable little grandkids! You look too young to be a grandma! Hope your family had a Merry Christmas!