Thursday, December 18, 2008

It's Official--Athol is Covered!

~~I didn't mean to bore you and write so much about the weather here.
~~My first post on it was merely a comment about how mild the weather had been so far. Ha!
~~The second was slightly notable because of the party that was cancelled, and our heating situation.

~~But this time, it's because a new record has been set . . .
the news weatherman just said that not since 1881 has Athol seen so much snowfall in one storm. Wednesday morning the snow began to fall, and from this system which has just left our area, we received Thirty-Four inches of snow---almost 3 Feet! Records were set all over the Spokane region.
Tanner went out this afternoon to play in it, but came back in after just a few minutes (no surprise that it took longer to put on his snow gear than the time he spent out there.) He said 'I came back in mom, because I was drowning in the snow!"

Our deck, and Tanner, last winter-----
After This Storm---
Our new hot-tub cover-------

The day before the storm, Mark thought it would be a good idea to stack some wood on our front porch, out of the weather. (That's what porches are for in rural north Idaho, right?)
So he backed up the loaded pickup truck up to the porch and took care of business. Then the truck didn't get moved (and I didn't have the key)before the storm started, because Mark got busy getting the plow truck ready to plow people out. (This picture was taken from the porch)
A little hard to get to the outhouse in this weather, eh?
Just a little craziness from little ole' north Idaho. If you have ever been here, you know it is truly beautiful. But if you live in Athol, ya gotta make fun of yourself just a little bit.


LyndiLou said...

OH MY GOODNESS that's a lot of snow!!! My Mom keeps wishing and hoping that we'll get snowed in... but looks like you guys are MUCH closer to that!!! We're expecting another storm today, sooo I suppose she'll keep her fingers crossed! ;) Thanks for the pictures! I think the truck one is CRAZY!!! You can hardly tell it's a truck!!! :) Drink some hot chocolate for me! ;)

Melissa said...

Looks like you guys are having a lot of fun too. We are starting to go crazy being cooped up together. I guess there is a reason Josh leaves for work each day!