Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Grand 50th Anniversary Reunion!

My mom and dad, the two who started it all . . .
We kicked off the reunion with a picnic at the park where we spent some time growing up as kids

My Family
(thanks, Melissa, for the photo that I failed to take)
Bright and early the next morning, we took a series of family photos
These are the fun photos that we took of one another, since I have not gotten any photos from the photographer, yet . . . Grandbabies
Rachel and I . . .
Tanner in the tree
Check out Tom's grip!
Me and my girls

My Aunt Mary Ann . . .

My sister-in-law, Chris

The boys . . .

Later that afternoon, my Aunt Mary Ann, Rachel, a couple other ladies and I arranged flowers for the anniversary party, to put on the food and buffet tables. I wish I had gotten a photo of the food! It was all wonderful!

At The Party
Brian and Lynda

Life-long friends
Goofing around

Jim & Chris

Jason and Elizabeth

My 3 beautiful daughters

Evalie and her Uncle Isaac. . .
. . . they really got into the "swing" of it!
When everyone had danced and eaten enough, we kicked off the Karaoke . . .


Noelle and I
My brother Jason
My Brother Jeremy and his kids . . .

Next Installment - Our day at the Beach!


Melissa said...

Great pictures! I love the ones you got. That was a perfect weekend wasn't it!

Loumeau Family said...

Love the pics! I especially love the one with all the girls. Super cute!

M-Cat said...

That looks like so much fun! My fam needs to get some pics done. I'm just waiting for L to get home!!

Cynthia said...

Looks like a great time! Congrats on your folks for making the 50 year mark. What an amazing and inspiring accomplishment.

You seriously do NOT look old enough to have 'grandbabies'. And I'll agree that your 3 girls are beautiful.

Jan said...

How fun. Happy Anniversary.

You all are smiling and happy. Good sign. Congrats on the new grandchild. Pure joy.

LyndiLou said...

50 Years, huh?!? That is SOOO awsesome! I can't wait to celebrate MY 50th Anniversary! Wow!

Thanks for sharing all these fun photos! It makes the events come to life!!! :)

The Thomas Family said...

Hey...I know those people. What a small world it is. Your folks look just as I remember them.

Was that the Hillsboro Stake Center?

JustRandi said...

what a beautiful family you have!!
Looks like it was a really fun time!

Cherie said...

What a wonderful gathering.
It is a truly GREAT milestone to reach a 50th Anniversary and then to be surrounded by your family and friends to celebrate - that has got to be the best!

Congratulations to your parents.

susette said...

Those colors in the family photos are beautiful. That gorgeous color of blue looks superb on you.

I just have to tell you Loralee that your sidebar with the weight loss and exercise is truly motivating to me. A friend of mine and I have ramped up the goals and reward. I've lost about 15 pounds since May of this year and hope to lose about 10 more. I can say with all honesty that running has been the key factor in the weight loss. Thanks for being brave to share your stories and successes!