Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Could YOU Eat These?

In the spirit of Halloween and all things morbid and gross, my Dad sent me an email with all of these "lovely" cakes

There were more cakes that I could have posted, but these were the least disgusting!

But I chose only 5, to (sort of) save those of you with weak stomachs!

(What can I say - I was raised with 5 brothers!)

Dead Saw-Blade Head

Pot O'eyeballs The Kitty's ... ( I found the recipe online. Email me if you want it...)

(ok, ok, here are a few more . . . )

. . . this, as a birthday cake?

Dead Crow (or Blackbird?)

Eyes, fingers, nose and ears. . .

(gives a new spin to that Primary song, doesn't it???!)

Have a Ghoulish Halloween!


Cherie said...

I think those are all awesome! They would be hard to make but I would definately eat one with fake blook running out of my mouth just to gross people out!!!

The Petersen's said...

As weird as this sounds...I think the only one I couldn't eat would be the kitty litter! haha I have a weird thing about cats and especially their litter boxes.

M-Cat said...

Nope. Couldn't eat a one of them, and I freakin LOVE cake.

Rachel Sue said...

Ew. Ew. Ew.

My MIL once bought a rat cake. (don't ask me why. I think she thought it was cute. it made me want to vomit.) It was red velvet cake. So, you cut it open and it's red inside the kids thought it was awesome. I couldn't be in the same room with it.

Nathan said...

The mind is a powerful thing. I don't think I could get past it to eat any of these.

Oddly enough, the cat litter one is the worst for me ... maybe because I own a cat.

Barbaloot said...

Ew gross! I could never---no matter if they tasted good or not. Last night on the Food network a guy was eating "extreme treats" and he actually ate a candied apple with REAL worms on it. Gross. You couldn't pay me to do that!

LyndiLou said...

Ug. Those are freaking nasty!!! :P yUUUck!!! Thanks?!? for sharing?!? ;)

Angela said...

Oh my gosh!! These are the grossest things I have ever seen. I don't think I could eat them. Barf!

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Amber M. said...

Ew. Looking at these cakes was like driving by a car know it's gonna be bad, but you can'T seem to keep yourself from looking anyway.

So I just looked between my fingers at the screen.


Priscila said...

oh my gosh!!! Ive never seen those except the cat poop one. Those are really clever! The first one looks creepy

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Cynthia said...

I don't think I could eat any of those! We went to an Italian restaurant last week and I got the Gnocchi. They were ribbed and looked like larva. The only way I could finish my tasty meal was to NOT look at it. Since gnocchi are a potato pasta, they also have the texture you'd expect if you were EATING larva!

Debbie said...

Nope.Notta.Never going to eat any of those! The kitty litter and the eye ball one freaked me out! Whoever made those have talent, very sick talent.

JustRandi said...

You are brave to even post those. Because ewwww.

The Working Mama said...

I don't think I could eat any of these cakes. Amazing designs though!

Pedaling said...

no way- they are all equally disgusting!

susette said...

Those were fun to look at but most definitely I couldn't eat them. I'm sure my boys would have gotten a kick out these. :)