Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What Happens Right After You Turn Six?

Why, you get a loose a tooth, of course!
He loves to show it off!

Family Party cake - Brownie ice cream cake with whipped topping icing! Gotta eat it quick!

Here is his special "Day Of" birthday cake that I made for him on Friday.
Because we always have the family party on a Sunday. Or a Monday.
By his special request, he got a strawberry cake (yes it's pink, So What?)
With chocolate cream cheese frosting
Star-shaped chocolate chip cookies. All his idea. It was a really interesting-looking (and tasting)cake, and he LOVED it!
Best bros'

The crash landing, after all that sugar. . .


M-Cat said...

i love 6 year old's ideas of a great cake! And I sure hope the tooth fairy isn't a cheap skate!

Mrs. Organic said...

I love how they go around wiggling them with their tongue. And even though I'm no cat lover, that kitty picture sure is cute.

Debbie said...

I love the cake! The kitty is super cute!

Nathan said...

I thought loose teeth were so cool. Of course, I was always thinking about the money I'd get from the tooth fairy.

LyndiLou said...

What a great cake! :) I love that you let him pick exactly what he wanted! What a great little Mom you are! :) Yay for birthdays!

susette said...

My 18 year old son just commented a couple of days ago, after eating german chocolate cake for his daddy's birthday, that he really loves pink cake the best. And, that he misses that kind and wondered when I would make it again. See, you are never too old (or young) for pink cake :)

♫ Happy Birthday to your cute little guy!!

Anonymous said...

oooh HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!
i love sugar comas! :) that cake topped with cookies on top sounds DELISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he is so cute... i love a little snaggle tooth!

wendy said...

CUTE halloween things on your blog.
Do you remember when you turned 6 ---wouldn't it be fun if we could.
Sounds like he had a great birthday, and SO WHAT if he wanted a pink cake.
I bet that last photo he is having Sah..weeet dreams of that birthday.