Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Reactions from My Neck of the Woods ...

There are lots of things  being written out there about the ill-begotten passage of Obamacare.   A statement that I came across was made by David Frum, with the assertion that  "Republicans will face a political reversal" in November, not the Dems.  His idea was that since the Republicans stood together and refused to compromise on their values and views on what made this country great - Capitalism - was a negative to the Republican party.  

Wow. The media can spin it any way they want to, but the fact that the GOP stood together as one and didn't compromise their positions and values is a good thing. I am a life-long Republican, but I do not appreciate the spending that took place during the Democratic-controlled congress years of Bush's administration. The Tea party movement is a good thing as well for the Republican party, despite the few individuals who allegedly didn't behave themselves during Sundays' protests. A party standing together against a move towards a New Socialized American will be seen as a good thing, both to Republicans like me, and the many, many, Independent voters out there. Yes, those individuals whose votes are crucial to the Dems.

I also read a few statements made by well-respected friends of mine, via FB.
"Well now, lets see here. . . We don't have to worry about the country going bankrupt . . It already has. No worries about the Commies taking over, they already have. Don't have to worry about the Constitution becoming irrelevant, it already is. We don't have to worry about someday losing our freedoms, it's already happened to some extent and continues on . . . Hey, no worries. Be happy!"

"Hopefully, the tide will turn before the wrath of God is turned lose on us. It all depends on the faithfulness, goodness, prayers, determination, and actions of the silent conservative majority".

"This health care bill is not about health care, it's about taking control out of our hands!! We already provide for those who are in need... I AM GOING TO LIST THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT AS A DEPENDANT THIS YEAR! In God We Trust - Obama and the Federal Government, not at all right now!!"
I read somewhere that there are way more Conservatives out there than we could ever imagine. We just are not as vocal as Liberals are, nor does the "main stream media" give us a fair voice in the media. I have felt that for years.
We as conservatives have been focused on family, our Faith, and working hard to take care of ourselves and each other. Doesn't give us a lot of time to write our Congressman (though now it is very simple to email or fax them) or to go and march on the lawn in DC, or take part in other local organized ways to get our voices heard.
BUT if nothing else, these past 14 months have shown us that this country needs to SEE US IN ACTION to make it known what the REAL majority out there feels on the issues. Our "Representatives" may have not listened to us on the Obamacare vote, but they surely will sit up and take notice when the Dems are booted out on their rears in November! 

An inspiring speech given by Rep. John Boehner (R):


Cherie said...

In total agreement!!
My very democratic brother just wrote me an e-mail about my Sunday evening post on this topic and declared that he now considered me one of those " outspoken republicans" yeah baby!!!

Just ME the MOM said...

I agree! Thanks for the info, the pep talk and the video. Very enlightening!


Lara said...

Stupak is my representative. I am so angry with him.

That is all.

(great post! I hope lots of people read it.)

SheilaB said...

As a member of the LDS Church, I too have been busy with home, family, work, church, etc..... but I have always felt like we are definitely in the last days....
We are seeing things speeding up. The U.S. is becoming more and more wicked, black becoming white, and white becoming black. Our leaders are more involved in their own power than the power of the people. It goes on and on.... The scriptures are very clear about what will happen.....and guess what? It is happening now !!!! Our family talks about how the wickedness will speed up and hate goodness. This is a real eye opener for our children. It is so sad to actually watch it all happen!
But I say NEVER GIVE UP !!!

M-Cat said...

Great post! And even though as members of the church, we know how things are going to ultimately end, we are still expected to raise our voices and stand for the right.

Merri Ann said...

I agree ... Great post! I've been trying to figure out how to write my own post but frankly don't want to spill the venom all over my blog ... that's what I'm feeling now.

The sight of Nancy holding that large gaval parading with her fellow dems makes me sick everytime I think of it.

I just feel so angry about the whole thing and today I think the anger is turning to sadness that so many people (libs) don't understand what this means for our future.

I'll have a post up soon about this whole mess ... in the mean time I'm off to hide all my hard earned money.

Michelle said...

Well said by everyone - I agree wholeheartedly. On Facebook I listed a status to remind people to contact their representatives and ended up with a war of words between some relatives on my facebook. I have opinions about what needs or should be done but have a difficult time talking about it all or discussing it because it gets me so "riled up", anxious and sick to my stomach. So what should I do instead?!

Pedaling said...

yeah, i think this is a good example of the reaction in many necks of the woods...love the facebook post, so true...happy, happy..no worries-

tammy said...

Great post, great comments!

Joshua Wilsher said...


You look like a very happy family. Well done! That is no small feat.You work hard for that and I wish you the very best

I am Australian but have spent much time in the US and met many lovely families like your own.

But there is one thing that confuses me. How can you believe that a health bill that aims to provide affordable health to all Americans is a bad thing? Do you honestly feel that a rich nation such as your own should continue to deny people from proper health care because of their financial standings.

Please dont think Im bashing your country, I love America. But I feel so depressed when I hear of stories of cancer victims who are denied treatment unless they have large sums of money to pay for it.

Or your elederly citizens denied the basic medicines they need becasue they dont can't afford them.

I know many Americans share your view. And its confusing. Becasue I know Americans to be the most generous of all nations. The aid you provide to the rest of the world is amazing. But why do you not want to help ensure the wellbeing your fellow citizens?

No doubt you have worked hard throughout your life and as a result your family can afford health care. Don't you want your countrymen and women to be afforded the same basic right - irrespective of their economic status?

Bob said...

I happen to be a Republican who voted in favor of "Obamacare." I am in a ward with many Democrats who are some of the finest people I know and who have wonderful families that are reared in the gospel.

As the First Presidency recently stated in a letter to Utah members, "Principles compatible with the gospel may be found in the platforms of various political parties." What's more, the church has continuously stressed that it is politically neutral.

With that background, I am confused by your assertion that "We as conservatives have been focused on family, our Faith, and working hard to take care of ourselves and each other," because it suggests that Mormon liberals are not focused on family, faith, and working hard to take care of ourselves and each other.