Sunday, April 4, 2010

General Conference - and Why I Love My DVR . . .

After getting the chills yesterday afternoon and then the night sweats, I was worried that we would have to cancel our traditional General Conference potluck.  This is where a few families will come to our home and watch conference with us.  Then a few more families will join all of us for the best potluck EVer! 

We have been doing it for about 12 years now, and I was so sad to think that we might have to cancel it this year.

But thankfully, I woke up this morning feeling really good.  No chills, no aches, no fever.  

Great Conference. 

What I actually heard of it.

Unfortunately, even though I'd felt well, apparently I didn't get enough sleep.  So I slept through the first half of it. 
In front of our guests.  They are all great friends, so they understand...
Still, So rude!

Then just before the second session was about to start, I started feeling icky again. 
Sore throat this time. 
Couldn't hardly drink my ice water. 
So I gave in and slept through all but the last 2 speakers. 
Nothing really registered in my brain with those talks, either.

(To be truthful, those that know me best know that I have a hard time staying awake through movies and shows in general.  But not feeling well just made it worse....)

So, thanks to the invention of the DVR, we do have all the sessions recorded.  Yesterday's and today's.
(And I did try NOT to breathe on our guests too much!)

So tell me, what are the best, can't-miss-highlights of conference this year??? 

(I KNow, they are ALL good!)
But help me out here anyway, please  . . .

Which were your favorite talks?


Mrs. Organic said...

I'm glad you're not sick. I couldn't pick a favorite, there were so many - I loved yesterday's afternoon talks.

M-Cat said...

I caught maybe three whole talks and that was it.

BUT - the DVR and I will be tight knit friends for a few nights this week.

Matt and Amanda said...

I loved Elder Ballard's talk, so powerful. Also Pres. Uchtdorf's.

Victoria said...

I love my DVR as well... but right now I am seriously loving They are making it SO easy to download whole sessions, or one talk at a time... audio OR video... or just sit and instant stream. I watched Elder Uchtdorf's Sunday a.m. talk again this morning on my iPhone while waiting for a movie! Conference + Technology = Happiness :)