Thursday, July 8, 2010

Our Independence Day

Bonfire . . . 

with family and friends . . .
Then fireworks with everyone, on our front lawn.
It's great to live so near a theme park, and neighbors that have great fireworks, and a pizza place in our little town who gave Silverwood a run for their money.
We had a fireworks show from almost every direction! 
Oh, and did I mention the lightning storm that was a distant backdrop for it all . . . pretty cool . . . (too distant to get a good photo, though)

Yay, USA!


Joey @ Big Teeth and Clouds said...

No amusement park here, but there are supposed to be fireworks this weekend that will be visible from our street. I'm pretty excited. There's nothing better than not having to fight a crowd.

I love that campfire picture. Somebody is good at making fire!

Anonymous said...

great pictures!!!!! looks like a lot of FUN!!!

M-Cat said...

I'm ready for a big bonfire! The pics are great!

Pedaling said...

perfect celebration!