Thursday, October 30, 2008

Noelle (the Camera Dodger) and Her Flute

Upon review of my past blogs, I realize that I have posted very few that feature my youngest daughter, Noelle. Not because she isn't fun, adorable, smart, cute, brilliant and good-hearted. She is all of those things, and more. This is a girl who said her first word (hello) at 2 1/2 months! (I have witnesses!)

It is because she suffers from the same affliction that I do. She hides whenever a camera is pointed her way. Now, I realize that I have some posts that actually do include a picture or two of me. A couple are all about me. But you can be sure those pictures are for the most part very carefully chosen to not highlight my gray hairs, wrinkles, and various other flaws, and since this is actually my blog, this seems right. Even though my profile includes my family, because they are the most important thing to me, it still is a blog written by me about my life from my point of view. OK, now I can retire the self-centered streak already...
Back to the point, Noelle is a camera-dodger. This is a well-honed art, learned at her mother's knee. Totally unlike her sister, Rachel, who will take the camera right out of my hand and start snapping pictures of herself. But she's 15, loves her makeup, and need I say more?

But since Noelle noticed the lack of information pertaining to the specifics of her interests, and because I have realized that posts aren't all that fun to write without a picture or two involved, I have been making a real effort to catch her unaware and snap a picture. Not so easy. She was practicing her flute, and caught me trying to get a shot, and actually ducked under the table until she could fix her hair and make sure the goobers were out of her eyes.

This is a girl who loves music - all of my daughters do. That psychic at the Realtor's Christmas party back when I was pregnant with Kayla knew what she was taking about. She predicted that I'd have a girl (this was before routine ultrasounds), and that she would be musically talented. Little did she know that all 3 would turn out that way.

But I am still talking about Noelle here. She practices the piano almost every day, even though we are currently on piano-lesson hiatus right now. She also is a budding, gifted lyricist. You show me a big studio songwriter that can out write her, and I'll tackle you to the ground.

(Now that I think of it, the psychic also advised me to write a book, which I never did, but maybe this blogging thing could count. Seems like I can hardly write a post or even a letter to a friend without starting a chapter. But she didn't say that I would be a good writer. hmmmm...)

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