Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Arizona Wedding Trip

When we got the word that our good friend and a former missionary who served in our area, Brandon Armstrong, was getting married, we knew that we absolutely couldn't miss it.
Such a wonderful, sacred occasion (combined with the chance to warm our bones before another Cliff Harris prediction of a cold cold winter here in this...)
Just kidding, we would have gone anywhere, anytime to see him get married!

Here he is on his mission, celebrating his birthday with us... and Chad, who is now on his mission in Chile! (See numerous other posts on that subject!)
We also took the opportunity to visit the parents of another one of our favorite missionaries who trained Armstrong while he served in our area.

We all had a great time, and hope we'll get to visit with them again someday. It's really rewarding to get to know the parents of these awesome missionaries a little bit, and to be able to give them the credit they so deserve for raising such great young men. (Of course, Chad was born a really good kid - we were just very blessed.)

Here's Mark with the Alexanders . . . and me

I think that of any area we have seen in Arizona, Marana is the prettiest spot, an oasis, in the desert.

The outdoor BBQ at 'Lil Abner's, a great steak place that they recommended to us. Yum Yum! We had the whole morning on Friday to find our way around Mesa, and had time to walk the temple grounds...

Is this a Mesquite tree?

Mark thought it was sacrilegious to park a Ford so close to the temple (haha, what a Dodge man)
The last time we were here, these were ripe!

Beautiful Mesa AZ Temple

Brandon & Alisha Armstrong

So In Love...

Wipin' off the Kiss...

Newlyweds and Not-so-newlyweds...

Both Families

Cutting the cake...and they didn't mess their faces up

Our gift to the happy couple... He's a really lucky guy. Alisha is such a beautiful girl, and spunky enough to keep him in line!
Gardner & Turley - a couple more RM's from AZ that served in our area . . . and they're not married yet, girls!


The Alexander Family said...

Ah...made us a little homesick... Did you have a hot fudge sundae at Lil Abners? Thats what I miss most about Arizona. Really.

DaniBB said...

That's great. I loved that guy. He was so nice. That's great that you guys are still in touch!