Monday, January 19, 2009

Crazy Missionary!

If you were wondering if Chad still has that wacky sense of humor, have no fear. He is still as goofy as ever....

He sent this picture and said "I stole it (the eyebrow thingy) from Alexandra before her baptism, but now I have to give her a huge bar of chocolate as a trade. After she gave it to me I taped it to my eyebrow and took a picture. I can definitely say I would look stupid with a bolt in my head. . ."
He also has a wacky and accident-prone companion. Elder Grin got his finger broken playing soccer with a less-active family. It also did some damage to the tendons that are connected clear up his arm, and so he had to have some surgery. Meanwhile, Chad stayed with the Zone leader and his comp, until they could call a member to a temporary mission to be his companion, until Elder Grin is able to get back to work.
Chad is doing great, and working hard. He doesn't seem to be bothered at all by the lack of basic things that we take for granted. To him, it is all a great adventure. With the guidance of the Spirit, he and his companions have re-activated many members, and have had quite a few baptisms. His testimony is strong and growing every day. We are so proud of him!


McEwens said...

Arent missionaries the BEST!!! He sounds so fun! Love the bolt!!!

My son comes home march 25th! I AM SO EXCITED!

susette said...

Oh wow! My son Cooper would get along so great with him. He has a pretty goofy sense of humor too. I should email you a photo he sent. He's a nut too.