Sunday, March 22, 2009

Weekend Wafts of Wackiness

Bums, Birthdays, and Bad Grapes

Last week (though a little late) I posted some riddles on my blog and asked you to answer them. The first person to answer one of them correctly would receive a prize. And the winner is...


She was the first (and the only)person to answer not one, but both riddles.

Let's see what you've won. It's, it's
... A new car!!!!!!!
(You wish)
Really, it's this:
SUSETTE is the best riddle solver in the world! Go SUSETTE!!!!!


I'm cheap, but not that cheap. Don't worry I'm going to sew you a pillow. I just need to know what your favorite colors are. I'm actually a really good seamstress, if I do say so myself.
Let's see, what did I do this week. Oh! We went to a play this week at the high school. It was called When in Rome. It was about this peasant who falls for a princess and he and his two friends need to sneak into the palace to get closer to her. He and one of his friends (the other was already a girl) had to dress up like girls. So the guy who fell for the princess had to put balloons In the dress to make him look more like a girl, if you know what I mean. Then one of his balloons popped! Good thing it was after the princess found out he was a man, or it would have ruined everything.
So today we celebrated Rachel's sixteenth birthday. We had carrot cake and it was delicious! So after cake and ice cream and such, we sat around the table talking.

About mooning people. I'm serious. And that's all my mom will let me say...

So all this time as we were laughing our heads off, Evan, Kayla & Shawn's son (my nephew), is downstairs. I walked down there to see him and he's sucking on a purple marker and his face is covered with it. I bring him up stairs and said "get the camera." So while my Mom is taking pictures, I said "I call blogging about this." So I am. Kayla was helping me experiment with some names for him and I decide on 'purple marker eater'.

I picked my nephew off a grape vine

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susette said...

Oh How exciting!!! I really don't need a prize you cute girl. It was just fun to answers the riddles. I think you ought to do a weekly riddle. That would be fun.

I think the cute little nephew's name fits perfectly!!