Saturday, March 7, 2009

Where, Oh Where, Can My Large Extended Family (and Friends) Be?!

Recently I wrote a post about how I love to read my family and friend's blogs.
And I do. I still really really do.
And in it I mentioned that I liked to read blogs of virtual strangers that I have found on Mormon Moms Who Blog and Mormon Blog Stalker, etc. You might find that strange, but I have found quite a few that I have a lot in common with and share the same viewpoint, etc. It's fun...
But - and you know that there would be a 'but' here

- I was in shock and awe (well, maybe only just surprised and confused) that I received quite a few comments on that post, and that 9 out of 10 of the comments were from bloggers who I had become friendly with via our blogs. (The 10th was Kathy. Thank you Kathy!)
Not one of my family members and only one of my friends read or commented on it. To keep in contact with them better was the reason for creating it in the first place!
Which makes me wonder - maybe I gave the impression somehow that I didn't care whether or not they made a comment (if they read it) and also maybe none of my family members who don't have blogs never read it! Or commented on it!

Well, I think that Mariann said it best awhile back in her post that she called 'Things That Annoy Me'. She makes some very good points there.
While I would love it if you would all create a blog of your own - lots of you are on FB and I love that - it would be nice if you guys would read mine and maybe comment on it once in a while! I do post new stuff on it once or twice a week. Just go to the bottom of the story, or post, and click on the link that says 'Tell me about it.... It's that simple!

And for my loyal blog-friends and commenters - I know many of you feel just like I do.
So f.y.i. I am going to email the link to this post to my non-blog family and friends. AND PLEASE feel free to comment on this...just in case no one else does :~D
I know everyone is busy with the stuff in their lives, but keeping in touch with one another is important - don't you think so?!


The Petersen's said...

Hi Loralee,
I have to confess...I am one of the people who really love your blog and get a little tingle of excitement evertime I see a new post...but just haven't left any comments. The reason why: I think I am intimidated by your natural ability to blog and my own inadequacy! sigh
I will try harder though, since I am a dedicated reader (every post) you too Noelle! miss you guys

Loumeau Family said...

I love you and I read your blog everytime you post. I know how you feel though. I think you may be the only person who reads my blog! Oh well, that's the fun of the blogging world. Sometimes I think we write more for ourselves anyways.

Pancake said...

I LOVE your blog! I usually comment, the last week has been CRAZY

R Max said...

It is a strange phenomena that I have documented on my own blog. The people you originally create the blog for NEVER READ IT!

My family just don't care about my blog which is fine because it gives me free reign to mock them.

Michelle said...

The Petersen's comment would fit my feelings exactly... I feel mine is boring and I'm never really sure what to write. I have feelings and opinions . . but I think I need to CALL you to find out how to set stuff up better because it just isn't working too well.

Debbie said...

Loralee, I also faithfully read your blog and I think I've commented a few times. I also agree that comments/advice/suggestions are great to receive. I have found many great blogs from your blog lists that I now follow. Your GREAT!

Grace said...

I agree with Debbie. I love reading your blog as well. It's great to hear how your family is doing and keep up on everyone. It's amazing how fast time flies by and how fast our kids have grown. Another good reason to keep in touch!

Grace said...

i love your new background on your blog! Really cute!

Kate said...

I feel exactly the same way. I don't know why but my real life friends and family don't comment much, I am so thankful for great blogging friends that really care and comment. I just don't understand it, I have siblings that should really care and they just don't seem to. Have a great week.

Erin said...

I think we all feel exactly the same way you do. I have even written about it before..."Where are all my friends and family??? Why aren't you commenting?" They don't get how much we enjoy hearing from them on our blogs!