Thursday, April 16, 2009

What I was going to post. . .

. . . was a Before and After
of a HUGE project

that my hub and I worked on . . .

but it is going to be a HUGE post,

and I am out of time and energy. . .


Even though

Easter 2009 is Over. . .
(someone just emailed it to me yesterday. . . I don't know the source, but it you do, please thank them for me. . .)

I am going to

Post This:


Don't put all of your eggs in one basket
Walk softly and carry a big carrot
Everyone needs a friend who is all ears
There's no such thing as too much candy
All work and no play can make you a basket case
A cute little tail attracts a lot of attention
Everyone is entitled to a bad hare day
Let happy thoughts multiply like rabbits
Some body parts should be floppy
Keep your paws off other people's jellybeans
Good things come in small sugarcoated packages
The grass is always greener in someone else's basket
An Easter bonnet can tame even the wildest hare
To show your true colors you have to come out of your shell
The best things in life are still sweet and gooey


Mrs. Organic said...

That picture is too cute - Happy Keester!

R Max said...

I saw this picture last week and I was tempted to post them on my blog but didn't want my mother telling me off. Now she can tell you off.

Mina said...

Those painted bums just made my morning!

Melissa said...

First time I've seen this and now it's my favorite Easter pic of all!

Happy Keester!! And that Easter Rabbit - wise bunny that he is!

Anonymous said...

That is fabulous! Thanks so much for sharing your blog. I love to read it.

Adam, Lynsie and Tristan! said...

Oh my goodness I love that pic!!! Nakey buns are always welcome at my house... well... you know what I mean! Anyways, if you live in Idaho you should consider the Burley Lions Club Spudman Triathlon. It is SUCH a fun race! There are always local smaller races that you and your family can practice with to get ready. Look it up. Also, a great place to look for local races and teams is searching on under triathlon. You should do it! But be warned, triathlon is not just a sport, it is a family friendly addictive lifestyle! I can answer any questions you have, none are too silly. (I have been an assistant coach for an elite tri club and worked at a tri shop for 5 years.)